Shoes And Haute Couture: Art, Torture And The Overpriced.

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Trends: Looks Painful

Normally, I’m not someone who goes gaga over shoes. Its just not my thing. Most women on the other hand would kill for a good shoe sale. And honestly who wouldn’t, especially when some costly name brand shoe has gone from $500 to $300. For me that’s not much of a sale, but hey, whatever floats your boat. I’ve been noticing a trend lately, one that I am not sure what to think of. I guess it could be called art, but then why does it look so utterly painful?

Lady Gaga, among other famous celebs, has brought this style of haute couture into the public eye. Designers like Alexander McQueen and other associates, have created some amazing and sometimes scary, pieces of artwork for the runway. Now I’ve seen a few fashion shows in my time (television) and walking in normal heels on that catwalk can’t possibly comfortable, let alone in one of those haute couture shoes these celebrities seem to be so crazy about.

Don’t get me wrong, these are some seriously inventive and artistic shoes. I would never be able to create something like them, but really, what is the point? It’s not like regular people like you and I can actually afford these shoes. If you can, lucky you but most of us wouldn’t pay past $200 for shoes. Me personally? I wouldn’t go over $80, but that’s because I’m cheap.

Art or Torture: You be the Judge…

There has to be a rule out there that states, “7 inch heels are a no-no.” I guess these designers and celebrities haven’t gotten the memo. I know I have enough issues walking around wearing 4 inch heels, so I can only imagine how much torture these women are inflicting onto their feet. I read somewhere that the higher the heel, the greater the risk of causing long-term harm to your knee joints. I get that all these shoes are pretty and all that mumbo jumbo, but I think I’ll stick to worrying about any long term damage these heels can cause me. 

The Overpriced.

I read that earlier this week French fashion house Balmain released a pair £30,000 shoes by Roger Vivier. That’s about $48,000 dollars. They feature 24 ct gold-coated mesh, semi-precious stones, jet, satin ribbons, silk chiffon, diamonds and crocodile skin fashioned into dainty rosettes.The 4 inch spiked-heel is made of a confection of gilded silk mesh and jewels. The shoe is embellished with a pair of rose pink-dyed, taxidermy birds with gold and crystal heads. This all sounds like it took months to make. So I am going to put it under my “its Art category”, but $48,000 for a pair of shoes you will probably never wear? How about I just look at them from a distance and wince at the fact that somebody out there actually paid for them. Plus, there is a dead bird on them…gross.

I won’t deny the fact that some, and I do mean some, of these shoes are quite beautiful. But sadly most are overpriced, dangerous to your health, and have no business being out in public. So females, What do you think of these fashion trends? Love it?, Hate it? Let me know!


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