Famous People Who Were Born on July 3Rd

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We are all interested in Celebrities and their lives. Celebrities are people we often look up too. This is a series that will show you the most interesting celebrities who are born on each day. Celebrities are just like you and I, they are just more famous.

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1941 – Gloria Allred is an American lawyer noted for taking high-profile and often controversial cases. She is the mother of former Court TV hostess Lisa Bloom

1946 – Johnny Lee, American country-and-western singer, “Lookin For Love”

1956 – Montel Williams, American talk show host

1959 – David Shore is a Canadian-born writer best known for his work writing and producing in television. As a former lawyer, Shore became known for his work on Family Law, NYPD Blue, and Due South. Shore also produced many episodes of the hit cult television series Due South, before creating a show of his own, House

1959 – Stephen Pearcy, American singer (Ratt)

1962 – Tom Cruise, American actor

1962 – Thomas Gibson is an American actor who found fame as Greg Montgomery in the comedy series Dharma & Greg, and is currently starring in the CBS series Criminal Minds

1967 – Brian Cashman, American major league baseball executive for the New York Yankees

1969 – Kevin Hearn, Canadian musician (Barenaked Ladies)

1971 – Julian Assange, Australian journalist, publisher, computer programmer and Internet activist. He is the editor in chief of WikiLeaks, a whistleblower website and conduit for worldwide news leaks, with the stated purpose of creating open governments.

1976 – Andrea Barber is an American actress who is best known for having played Kimmy Gibbler on the ABC sitcom Full House

1976 – Wanderlei Silva, Brazilian mixed martial artist who was KO’d at UFC 132 by Chris Leben

1992 – Nathalia Ramos is an Spanish American actress and singer. She is known for playing Yasmin in the 2007 film Bratz: The Movie and Nina Martin on House of Anubis

I hope you enjoyed today’s celebrity birthdays. Come back out tomorrow to check out more celebrity birthdays. Happy Birthday to all celebrities and everybody else who were born on this day- come back tomorrow to see what Celebrities were born on this day

You born on this day

We wish you happy Birthday

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