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Apples are Great!p

Apples are Great!

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You Can Add Quality Years To Your Life

Many of us make decisions every day all day long that affect our health in a good or bad way. I would probably guess that most of us think we are making good decisions. I did the same thing, made excuses for my terrible eating habits, it went something like, “well, in comparison to what I did when I was young, I think I’m making really good decisions with my diet etc.” or “well the hamburger is pretty greasy but I’ll add plenty of lettuce, tomatoes and onion to compensate. ”

Let me tell you something you may not know. Whether you are aware of this or not, your families unhealthy genes do not necessarily dictate your future health. Genes are 20% input and lifestyle is 90%. You see now that you should not have a defeatist attitude just because your father or mother or aunt etc. died of cancer or other disease at an early age. It is still your choice whether you resign and follow in their footsteps or burn your own trail in the gene pool, true you may have to work a little harder to stay healthy but the fact is that it’s very doable. I am not going to say that I’ve always been health focused, not at all, in fact I as a very young child was addicted to junk food. You name it I craved it, fast food galore, sugar laden over processed stuff ( can’t call it food), that is not suitable for dogs much less humans. I had an aversion to water and substituted sodas or other sugar drinks. I am grateful that I happen to be one of those very lucky people who inherited strong healthy, and disease resistant genes. Yes in my case even though I was reckless with my health, my immune system pulled me through. On the other side of the coin, even though your genes may have a spot chance of taking you down the path of disease and system breakdown, you can beat it. Your body’s immune system has a huge survival instinct, however, it needs your help and cooperation, especially if you’re predisposed to a bummer situation already going on with your health.

These are some of the things which I have found to be pretty powerful in having a great chance at living longer and healthier if you are not already under the gun healthwise, but even if you are, it can only be a positive intervention in your journey through your battle. I don’t claim any of these things will cure disease but they no doubt will keep your immune system alert, strong and targeting whatever may be going askew in your body. Lifestyle-, do you have alot of stress? There are different types and levels of stress, there is the stress of trying to keep up with an active family, a job and other normal types of activities in our lives which can gradually wear down our immune system. Remember, it’s easy to end up in a situation where you have no time for R&R. If for instance you allow family and friends to pop in on you unvited and without warning turning an afternoon of rest and relaxation into the total opposite. This is an example where you need to draw the line and protect your down time. What I am saying is that If you don’t have time to rest then you need to scale back on extracurricular activities right? Rest can be of more importance then sleep in many instances. There is another type of stress, the type that happens through no fault of our own. Perhaps an accident which causes injury to our body or injury to our emotions. It can happen and sometimes it’s sudden, harsh and catches us totally unprepared, it’s called life. This type of stress could be for example a relationship that suddenly takes a major dive which leaves us in blinding emotional pain. How do you handle this type of stress? Well you can lay around like a dog does for a day or so and lick your wounds which is ok but soon enough you need to force yourself out of bed and do something. Yard work can be quite therapeutic when you are under stress. Talk out your problems with a good friend . Schedule a day out with a friend and go to a movie, shopping or lunch. Cover your first few days with good positive activities and you will find that a few days later you can face the loss a little easier, the pain has lost it’s razor sharp edge.

There are things that you can do in order to prepare your system for a traumatic event. If your diet is not great and even if it’s better then most I believe we still need to supplement with vitamins. Some of the most important vitamins for me are the B-Complex, vitamin C, a good Calcium vitamin as well as magnesium. Magnesium tends to relax me on those nights when my ankles are achy making it hard to get to sleep, it is definitely relaxing for the muscles and joints, the heart is a muscle therefore it also has a relaxing effect on your heart. I believe in taking Brewers yeast but remember that this supplement should be taken with calcium especially if you begin a serious lengthy relationship with this supplement. Brewers Yeast has a strengthening and fortifying effect on the system and has a calming effect on the nerves. Keep in mind that anytime you start taking a supplement always start low and work up. I do this as a rule, just in case it is something my body doesn’t like then at least I won’t shock my system and make myself sick. I like to have a cup of Rosemary tea about 3 times per week, it’s a good memory booster. Good anti-cancer foods are bluberries, buckchoy, broccoli and spinach. Celery juice decreases blood pressure and Yerba Mate tea boosts energy and brain power. Mango juice keeps skin looking fresh and young if you can stand the sweetness which I have a problem with. Another natural remedy which you may want to know about is for urinary tract infections and it is Horseradish. Saffron should be something you include in your program for healthy living, it is a good anti-cancer food according to several studies, it is a little expensive but definitely worth it. Walnut oil is used widely for belly fat. Many swear by Coconut oil for wrinkles and Canola oil protects your bones. Try to get these organic when you can, In fact the more organic products you use the better.

A very important part of good lifestyle choices is in being picky about what goes into your body. I am happy to report that I am no longer addicted to junk food. It doesn’t taste right to me any longer. Cookies and pastries are no longer a problem and I have not had a soda in over 6 years. Once in a while I will eat bread but it’s no longer a big deal for me. Yes I do have a hamburger but not everyday, in fact less then once every 3 weeks, I don’t crave french fries like in the past. Enough about me, let’s get to your eating habits. What is your biggest diet weakness that keeps you from being healthy? Do you eat most of your food fried? Do you hate greens, salads and vegetables? Is it a rarity for you to eat apples, or other fruits? Do you crave sodas or a beer or some sugar drink with your meal or throughout the day? All of the above? Let me be honest with you, if you are predisposed to diabetes or heart disease etc., you may as well plan what doctor you will be seeing by the time you’re 40 or 50 or sooner, if you don’t change your lifestyle especially your eating habits and exercise. I hope you don’t neglect doing your exercise because this is quite important in keeping your heart strong and your joints supple. Lack of exercise can sometimes create problems for your health on it’s own. Take digestive enzymes to help with the digestion and assimilation of protein which can cause problems for your health if you partake of much protein which I try not to do. Have you ever heard the term “healthy as a horse?” Consider this, horses don’t eat animal protein, neither do cows etc., they eat greens. I eat meat and chicken etc. but very sparingly. I will keep you informed on more helpful advise relative to your health by posting every now and again. Keep checking in with me. I hope this has been helpful and I wish you a long, happy and healthy life.


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