How to Make Money With Multi-Level Marketing

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When you were a brand new associate of any network marketing or multi-level marketing company (MLM), you had a big dream and desire to make your new business a success.  As time goes by, the excitement of your desires fade as you doubt that you can achieve your dreams.  WHY?  Like this business, the answer is simple but not easy: your MLM is NOT a cash cow – it takes time and effort to make money!

Working 10 hours does not necessarily generate a check for the week.  However, the eleventh hour may generate a $100 check each and every month from that point on for the rest of your life.  Until this happens, it is easy to abandon your dreams and slip back into the day to day, dollars for hours thoughts that block us from achieving our dreams and desires.  The hardest part about any business is keeping the faith that the accumulation of effort is more rewarding that the instant rewards of dollars for hours.  Have the patience to make time your friend and you will eventually live the life of your dreams.

One wise associate once said that our lives are like a glass jar filled to the brim with marbles.  Each marble represents obligations of your time (spouse, child, job, church, school, gym, etc.) and there is no room for another marble.  Your chosen MLM is the water that you pour into the jar that fills in around your other obligations and nourishes the flowers you add to the jar that will brighten your life.

The point is simple: DON’T GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!  Don’t quit like many people do, you will begin to feel that you have wasted your time and effort. Remember, there is not a direct correlation of time in to money out – you might be on the verge of a big break-through in the growth of your business and if you give up now, you would never know what could have been. Instead, when time is beating you down, find a way to recharge your dream meter.  Here are a few suggestions that have helped me to fuel the fire of desire that I won’t let burn out:

        1.   Watch “The Secret”.

        2.   Talk to other associates in your organization that are successful.

        3.   Attend an event – any event that successful associates will be in attendance sharing their stories.

        4.   Listen to the inspirational or motivational tapes.

        5.   Read a how to succeed or motivational book.

        6.   Make a dream board (I particularly recommend this one because it can refuel you anytime you look at it).

        7.   Tape a statement of your why on your bathroom mirror to remind yourself often.

        8.   Tell someone new about your company or product – RIGHT NOW!

        9.   Close your eyes for a minute and envision your future success.

        10. Watch “The Secret”, again!


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