I Will Fight For You: Rahul Gandhi

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Rahul Gandhi visited families of victims of police firing in village Bhajanpura in Forebesganj, Araria district, Bihar.    He went from house to house to see for himself the plight of the families of victims.  He stopped at each house to console the family members.  He assured the families of the dead that he would get them justice and would make every possible effort in that direction. 

The Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi met Md. Rashid Ansari who was seriously injured in the police firing on June 3. Rahul Gandhi was so  moved by the helpless condition of the injured boy Manzoor and asked local  Congress leader  to bring the injured boy to Delhi for treatment in AIIMS.

The villagers were protesting against upcoming starch factory which had raised a wall across road that was the only link to outside world. The villagers were holding peaceful protest but the police without provocation started firing and killed four villagers including an eight month old child and a pregnant women. Around thirty people were also seriously injured in the police firing.

Rahul Gandhi first reached the house of deceased Mustafa Ansari.  He met Mustafa’s father Fakhtan Ansari and sat there for around 20 minutes. Fakhtan Ansari narrated the sequence of events during which police force committed inhuman brutalities on the innocent villagers. Fakhtan’s only son while returning from shop for Friday prayer was shot dead by the police for no fault. He just happened to be walking along the street.  .

Rahul Gandhi also visited the family members of eight-month old dead child Naushad.  He met his grandfather Rafiq Ansari and consoled the grieved family.  He shared their sorrow and said no amount of consolation for the dead child was enough.

Next he went to console the families of dead Sazmini and Mukhtyar.  He was moved by the loss of near and dear ones and sole earning members of the families.

Rahul Gandhi also visited the Prayer House of the village where people told him that he was the only leader who had dared to reach out to the villagers in their hour of dire need. They said no other leader and none from the state had taken care to know their plight.

The Congress leader also visited the school located in the middle of the village.  The poor people complained that they had not got Below Poverty Line cards.  Others complained that they were not getting any help under Indira Gandhi Awaas Yojana.  Yet many others complained that they were not being given employment under Mahatama Gandhi NREGA Scheme.  Rahul Gandhi assured the villagers that effective steps will be taken to address their problems.

After taking a round of the village and meeting the villagers the Congress leader visited the scene at the starch factory.


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