Change Your Habits to Create Wealth

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If you watch your daily activities from the morning till you go to bed in the night, every action you do are the habits developed by you throughout your life.

The time you get up from the bed, drinking coffee, using of tooth paste to brush, using of soap when bathing, type of breakfast you eat, your dressing style, everything will be your habit to suit your taste and life style.

Nothing wrong in yours habits. Every body is doing the same thing.

But be aware of those habits. These are the habits that decide your present position or situation in life. Also it decides the health condition of your body and also your wealth position. Depend upon your habits, your life will change.

So, if you want to change your life, first change your habits.

Your present health condition depends upon your food habits. So, if want to improve your health change your food habits.

But the most difficult thing in this world is changing the habit.

There is a joke about the smokers. Remember smoking is a habit. Of course, it is a bad habit.

1stMan: My wife is compelling me to stop smoking. But, it is very difficult for me.

2ndMan: But it is not difficult for me. I have stopped cigarette many times.

This is an example how difficult it is to change a habit. Though it is difficult to change, you must change the habits, if want to change your life style.

There are good habits and bad habits. You must be able to identify which is good and which is bad. Good habits bring good things to you and bad habits will be harmful.

For example, walking in the morning is a good habit. It can keep your body fit and protect from illness. Eating breakfast or lunch in time is a good habit.

To maintain good health it is necessary to eat nutrition foods in time.

Readingis a good habit especially in the early morning. Your brain can absorb the thing effectively. You can teach your children to study in the early morning.

Same thing will apply for wealth creation also. If you want to create a wealth you should develop the habit related to that.

For example, learn to handle the currency note you have as your part of wealth. If you have a habit of making the note into many folds, stop it immediately. Instead, gently handle the currencies. Give respect to it. Say I love you to it.

When you are paying your bills to somebody, keep the money in your hands and say the following words within yourself and then hand over the cash.

“Do good things to this person and come back to me as soon as possible”.

Develop this habit and in due course you will begin to attract money. Your habits are registered in your brain (right brain) which will work for you sub-consciously that will help to achieve your goals.

Habits and goals are connected together. So, if you want to achieve your goals, change your habits accordingly. 


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