Keep Problems Away, Always Do The Right Thing

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At times it may seem doing the right thing will burden us and cost too much, we begin to consider the alternatives- lying and cheating foolishly believing this approach to be a clever, cheaper, easier way out. Before choosing the best possible course of action let’s stop and think for a moment, let’s consider the consequences, long term costs and immediate expenditures of being dishonest.

Why are we dishonest? It is much easier, less stressful and more natural for our mind and body to be honest, to tell the truth, our whole being strives to be truthful, and yet at times we choose against it, a silly choice, because our mind and body will betray us and spill the truth soon enough. Being dishonest we stress our body and mind causing all sorts of internal conflicts which given time will manifest as physical and/or mental disorders. Telling the truth and doing the right thing becomes a prerequisite to happiness and wellbeing, still there are times when telling the truth may indeed unburden us, but cause pain to someone else, in this case telling the truth may not be the best option. Our intention should always be to give joy and love to others the best we can.

Other times we choose to be dishonest to advance our personal interests, here our dishonesty has no justification and our selfish way will eventually present us with a hefty bill, just wait and see. Have you noticed how some people are plagued by problems/trouble while others manage to have a relatively stress free and happy life?

Every action we take has an equal reaction, every action has consequences if you don’t consider the consequences before you act- you are a fool. Ask yourself- if I did this thing who will get hurt, what can go wrong, what problems may follow, what is the worst case scenario? Think carefully, are you prepared to live out the worst case scenario? If your answer is No give up the idea, it is not worth the trouble. Do the right thing, have peace of mind, have respect and pride in yourself, have freedom from problems. Doing the right thing may cost you considerably, but it can’t compare to the price you will pay in the long run should you decide to be dishonest. Doing the right thing you will win love and respect of people, doing the right thing you will never look stupid. Doing the right thing you will never lose.


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