What Is Good Web Design

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Many people don’t understand that good web design does not necessarily mean an awe-inspiring website. In fact, in some cases, it could be a good designed

website does not look that impressive. The fact remains that web design can be quite a subtle thing, having to take into account a variety of differing


As most people understand these days, having a site constructed with lots of Flash video can often mean that the Google and other search engine robots

cannot find it properly. They may not be able to index its content properly and that can mean that the website languishes, barely being discovered by Google

and never being shown.

That’s not the only reason however why certain visually impressive websites are actually badly designed. Of course, a well-designed website must have on

page search engine optimisation. This means that it must be constructed in a certain way that the search engines are able to find it, and also related to key

phrases that people actually look for. A website that fails to achieve this is not well-designed, however flashy it may be.

Another factor however is the expectations of your audience. If your sales message is built around a honest Joe, member of the public perspective, for

instance, then to have an incredibly well-designed website that looks like a Fortune 500 companies site may put off your potential audience. It will reduce

your credibility in your marketplace.

It can be therefore that a somewhat amateurish looking site may be in fact the best designed site for appealing to your audience because it meets their

levels of expectation.

Therefore a well-designed website must also provide people content in multiple ways. Gone are the days when people would search websites statically. They

would go to a website, read its content, or download it, often in a PDF format, and then go elsewhere. This does not meet the needs of the modern web user.

The modern web user demands interaction, through integrated Twitter and Facebook accounts and also through the ability to comment. The modern web user wishes

to be part of the content of a popular site, not a passive consumer.

Sometimes, depending on your niche, your website visitors may prefer to consume your content through audio or video. A well-designed website will take

into account that often different visitors consume your website content preferentially in different ways. A well-designed website will therefore provide the

content your website visitors require in multiple formats.
As we can see therefore, modern web design does not necessarily mean a good-looking website. It could mean an amateurish looking website. However, ultimately

a well-designed website is one that attracts its target audience and provides the content they need in the format they need. The superficial aesthetics of

the site are redundant in this consideration.


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