Search Engine Marketing Any Why You Should Do It

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These days, it isn’t good enough just to have a good looking website. You must also make

sure that people can find it. At the end of the day, it’s far better to have an average

looking website people can find than a fantastic site no one can find. Search engine

marketing is the process by which web site owners can persuade Google to find their site.

Perhaps more importantly, search engine marketing is also the process by which you can

tell Google what your site is about so when the right sort of people enter the right sort

of key phrase, Google thinks your site is sufficiently important to throw up your site,
That part comprises of several elements. One is the so-called on-page search engine

optimisation, the other is off-page search engine optimisation and both are important to

fully effective search engine marketing.

The single most important consideration however is actually finding out what people

actually look for. This is not a precise science of course but it’s a very good start. If

you spend time and effort optimizing your site for ‘Shiny Widget A’, whereas everyone in

fact searches for ‘Shiny Widget B’, your efforts will be wasted. Far better to start out

knowing that people search for ‘Shiny Widget B’ and build your efforts around that. That is

sound search engine marketing.

It is also important to have your site set up right. Whether that is through the tags

used in a CMS system like WordPress or in your use of internal linking, anchor text and H1

tags, your on-page SEO must be built around phrases that phrases that people actually look

for and preferably in sufficient quantities to make the numbers game that is internet

marketing a profitable one.
Once that is done, one of the most important aspects of search engine marketing is building

back links. This is a very important task that must be conducted regularly and with care,

with links set up the right way.

However, a further part of the puzzle is simple – good, old fashioned, useful content,

provided regularly about subjects of interest to the niche that you are working in. Many

people get pre-occupied with search engine marketing and building backlinks. The reality is

though is that regular content, of great relevance and value to the consumers of it in a

niche will come back again and again. They will post your content and its existence on

their sites, or on Facebook and Twitter.

This will give you all the links you will need – after all that is what search engine

marketing attempts to replicate. However, good old fashioned content can often do this for

you the easy way – the way the internet was actually created to do. Imagine the potential

for your site if you combined these approaches?


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