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In navy circles, the nautilus is a submarine that is propelled by nuclear power. In the gym equipments, the nautilus treadmill, draws your ‘power’ to help you keep you fit and in good shape. The nautilus brand has been in the scene for thirty years and through the decades has undergone several transformations to keep abreast with the times and technology. When it comes to treadmills and treadclimbers, the nautilus has made its mark, establishing itself as the best commercial gym equipment.

Physical fitness buffs that prefer a less strenuous-to-use gym equipment opt for the treadmill and their choice is a smart one because the calories burned on the treadmill averages 705 to 865 for every 60 minutes. The speed of the treadmill is adjusted to suit the user’s pace or required calories burned. Individuals who regularly use the treadmill experience weight loss or are able to maintain their ideal weight.

The Nautilus treadmill, as with all nautilus gym equipments is considered the best buy when it comes to treadmill brands and models. Each machine embodies stability because the frame is welded steel. Everytime you workout on the treadmill, you don’t worry about the machine collapsing or budging as you run. It also uses a well cushioned suspension deck for a more comfortable run. This durability, stability, and comfort assure years of rigorous use of the treadmill.


Some Nautilus treadmill models come with a LED display screen while other high-end units are equipped with a high resolution LCD display screen and quick entry keypad. Using the keypad, users enter their personal data to allow the machine to monitor workout progress. Each treadmill also has preset and custom workouts available. The preset workouts are designed to burn fats and calories efficiently and effectively and these are adjusted to different body types.

It also has a Polar chest strap that allows users to monitor their heart rate as they work out on the machine. Monitoring heart rate is essential because this will impact on the intensity or the concentration of the workout. Working out on the nautilus treadmill is like working out with a personal trainer to guide you in with your routine.


Users can upgrade the software installed in some of the Nautilus treadmill models. All you have to do is insert a Nautilus Fitness Cartridge which is sold separately. Get the best workout you can possibly get from the Nautilus pre-programmed workouts and regimes. The Nautilus treadmills also have a maximum speed of 15mph and are outfitted with incline control options to go with different exercise specifications.

Although the Nautilus brand of treadmill might cost more than your usual brand of treadmill, you are sure to get your money’s worth. Prices range from $2000 to up to $5000 and will vary on the make or the model of the treadmill and its added features. However steep the price may be, each treadmill purchased comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 10 year warranty on the other parts and accessories.



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