The Mouse Causes Carpel Tunnel

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One of these diseases is the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It affects your wrists and it is really painful.

If you do not know what symptoms indicate these disease then pay attention to the next indications: at first you may feel that your wrist itches or from time to time you may feel sharp pain in the palm. At the begging the pain is not lasting but, it usually starts from the thumb finger and goes up reaching the shoulder. You should know that the symptoms appear while sleeping, due to the fact that we do not move our hands. When you wake up you cannot feel your wrist and in order to get ride of this sensation, you have to shake your hands.

As you may imagine the principal cause of developing this disorder is the repetitive action you take everyday if you are a computer typist or if you work in fishing, cleaning, manufacturing or meat industry, for instance. You should also know that the most affected by such disease are women. The explanation is simple; a woman has the carpal tunnel smaller than a man does. Moreover, if you are suffering from diabetes you are more likely to develop such nerve disorders.

Pen or Foot Mouse

However, you should be cautious and prevent this disease. There have been invented some ergonomically designed items, such as mice or keyboards. These devices cause no pressure for your hand. Here are some computer mice ergonomically designed and approved by medical systems from US: Zero Tension Ergonomic Mouse. This is USB connected and it provides buttons that are easy to click.

There is another helpful type of mouse called the Wireless Ergonomic Mouse Pen. This one is pen-shaped and can be moved in mo matter what direction, in other words it is not dependable on a surface. It has to buttons that can be simple touched. Beside this uses researchable batteries. It is compatible for both Windows and Mac users.

If you do not solicit at all your hands, you can choose a foot mouse.NoHands Mouse brings two advantages, on one hand you do not stress your wrist, arm or elbow and on the other hand you do not have to take your eyes off from the computer screen in order to see where the mouse is. This item is really simple to use: you have one pedal for moving the cursor around the screen and one pedal to click on a certain page.

If you have not succeeded in preventing this disease, then here are some treatments you can try in order to cure it or at least ameliorate. For instance, the doctor can give you some ibuprofen pain relievers or injections called corticosteroids.


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