Can I Earn a Living Writing Articles?

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It is the first of the month and I just checked my income from my first month of publishing articles. I made $1.63! That’s not even enough money to buy a cup of coffee at StarBucks. What am I doing? At this rate, it will be over 2 years till I get my first paycheck since the minimum payout from AdSense is $50. There are a lot of skeptics in my life that are telling me I am wasting my time. Could they be right? Absolutely, but then again I did just start two weeks ago.

I began this venture at the request of my son to write articles for his niche businesses. I just did what he asked me to do which was to write articles on the subjects he specified under the titles he provided me. I was a prolific writer for him. In addition to what he requested, I produced numerous articles with different approaches to the topics he had given me. He was impressed eventhough most of the articles I wrote were not what he wanted to put on his site because they were not written in the style or formate he wanted to maintain on the site. However, those other articles were perfect for revenue sharing sites to set up backlinks to his niche sites – boy is he smart!

My son introduced me to a few different article sharing sites such as HubPages and Infobarrel. He also introduced me to AdSense to set me up to generate a revenue generating program for me in addition to what he was doing; this way we could both benefit from my work. I was so ignorant of how this whole thing works, that it has taken time for me to learn the basics. There are nuances differentiating each of the article sharing sites that I have had to learn (I have written an article here about the fustrations getting started with Bukisa after establishing myself elsewhere first). The good news is that I am learning and perfecting my craft.

Now that I have gotten past the baby steps, I am ready to make some real money. Research has shown me that others have started with even less of a first month income and gone on to make six figure incomes for the year. If they can do it, so can I! This is just the start of my new venture to earn a living writing articles.


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