Wedding Speech And Wedding Toast Tips

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Giving speeches or toasts at a wedding is a customary practice. However, finding the appropriate thing to say can be difficult for some people. You do not want to offend anyone or say something not suitable for that setting. There are people who may be overcome by nervousness, but that can be overcome. Preparation will help you be ready to give the perfect wedding speech. Some people find it easier and more helpful to write down their speech or key points on a card. This helps them remember what they want to talk about.

Toasts or weddings speeches should have three parts; an introduction, body and conclusion. When you decide to tackle writing your speech begin by jointing down a few points or ideas; things you definitely want to include. Make sure it is in some logical or chronological order, so that people are not confused and can follow the thought trend. Leave out anything that is inappropriate or offensive.

Toasts are sometimes a retelling if your experiences with the bride or groom; often times funny events that have occurred as a result of one or the other. Make sure you do not tell any stories that are embarrassing to the bride or groom. You can discuss things about either that no one else knows, but that they would not mind you sharing with the wedding guests and family members. You are also allowed to tell stories about their interests or hobbies. You can get a little bit more creative and include little bits about celebrities or famous people sharing their wedding date or birthday.

Your speech can not be long and winded. Some people give toasts that last forever. This is not only rude but inconsiderate to others who wish to toast and wish the happy couple well. Therefore it is important to jot down all your points, witty or otherwise and concise them. Stick to the speech. Do not go off course. Guests and the married couple will become annoyed. You do not want to be ‘that’ person spoken about for years to come. Make it short, sweet and memorable. Have a funny opening, something that will make them be more responsive to your speech. You can thank the bride and groom for their hospitality and inviting you to the festive occasion. Thank the parents as well.

Your speech should be heard by all; therefore it cannot be muffled and low. Raise your head, and extend your voice. You do not need to shout. Exude confidence, make eye contact, turn and speak to the wedding party as well as the guests. Look directly at the bride and groom and speak to them in first person; even by calling or using their names. Change the melody, and sound, or volume of your voice so that you do not come off as boring or dull.


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