The Easy Way to Remove Stains From Cloths

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Here are possible ways to remove stains from our cloths:

  • Fruit and Wine Stains

To achieve a greater success, any stain and spot should be removed as soon as possible. To remove fruit and wine stains stretch the fabric over a bowl or a bath and pour boiling water through the cloth from a height of a foot or two.

  • Ink Stains

If you have a bottle of milk, then you can easily remove ink stains anytime, anywhere. Just dip the cloth in milk, squeeze the blackened milk into one dish and dip again immediately into clear milk until the stain has disappeared. Then finish by washing the cloth in warm water and in soapy water to remove the fat in the milk.

  • Iron Rust

To remove iron rust from linen and cotton you may use lemon juice and salt. Wet the spot with the juice of a lemon, cover with salt and lay in the sun, repeat the operation until the stain is removed, then rinse out the lemon and salt thoroughly. This of course cannot be used on colored fabrics, as it fades the color.

  • Grease Spots

Grease is one of the worst foes to garments and the greatest care is needed to remove such spots from delicate fabrics. If not done at once, the dust and grease together often prove ruinous. When the color and fabric will not be injured by it, warm water and soap is the best agent, otherwise absorbents may be used. French chalk or magnesia powdered, placed upon the spot, and allowed to remain for a time will often absorb the grease effectually. If the first application is not effective, brush off, and apply again until the spot disappears. Where water can be used without injuring the cloth, the chalk or magnesia can be made into a paste and spread over the spot. When dry, brush off with a soft brush.

In removing fresh grease spots, blotting paper with a warm iron may often be used effectively. If the heat changes the color of the cloth, the iron should be held above the cloth.

  • Blood Stains

Blood stains may be removed by making a paste of starch and applying it to the spot. Several applications may be necessary. 


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