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Todays present state in which india is on cannot be defined or compared with any term pertaining to book(politics/social term).Ministers are least borthered about country,people,humanity,poverty,lives. They are living to earn money from any extent.

Theirs a saying in my native and local place that “Money can be earned easily,even the prostitue earns money by selling her body”in the same context the politicians today in so-called democratic country India they have come to a height that now no floor is existing to climb so now they have heading downwards to dig the ground.

Actually indians are so simple like cow they can be bluffed easily including me too.

For Eg., just few days ago the hike of petroleum products should have not be accepted but no rebels,protest.In total agreement. No poltician is borthered about the “AAM ADMI” poor mango man he has to earn the whole day to survive for tommorow or to work tommorrow.and just by one kg “Bhindi” he is off. And government has a strategy that DA willbe announced for all government employees and all the policiticans get affected and they calm down and chapter closed.

I am not a Ghandhi or Munna Bhai just a sufferer. And i dont think that by this Ghandhi ji or Munna Bhai(Sanju Baba) is effected. By this we all are effected about 100 crore people because its our pocket.our money being just paid .This year the prices were hiked three to four times.

The hike in Diesel has increased the prices of transport inturn hike in vegetables,fruits,milk,milk products,fare and many more day to day items and things . Reacting strongly to the hike in diesel & kerosene and LPG, farmers across the country have contended it would have adverse affects on the agriculture sector and even prompt them to end their occupation. 

India heading towards development by earning or snatching or withdrawing money form normal people as they dont have funds in their accounts for development now for sucha poor governement its our duty to pay some money to help government officials to fill their bags and any how the “Bharstachar” is the monthly salary paid by the indian people to indian govt. Introduction of LOK PAL will not help or allow to remove it because we are so much Jugaddu that we will mix the LOK PAL in Bharst-Achar for helping them to fill the bags.

I am now posting this to just read it or comment it or follow it.

its a serious matter needs to be addressed think in fact “JAGO REY”. This is required i urge each one of them to please please think twice.


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