Garden Bedroom Ideas

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  1. Paint

    • Use paint in garden colors to create a foundation for a garden bedroom. Choose a light green for the walls and even a blue for the ceiling to create the illusion of sky. Incorporate pink or purple into the color scheme as well to enhance and offset the green. A chair rail with green on one half of the wall and pink or purple on the other half of the wall might be a suitable choice.

      Alternatively, decorate walls using a chair rail, but use green on the bottom portion of the walls and blue on the top portion to create the illusion of grass and sky. Paint the ceiling blue. The chair rail could be created with a wallpaper border with pink and purple colors or it could be a strip of wood painted in a coordinating color.


    • Add an accent floor rug that uses the colors chosen for the walls in a floral pattern. This will greatly add to the garden decor and will anchor the floor to the rest of the room.

    Picket Fence

    • Add a picket fence either as a headboard for the bed or as an embellishment along one wall. Find 3- to 4-foot-high picket fence panels at a home store. Paint them white if they are not already white. Anchor the fence panels to the wall with wood screws. Stencil butterflies flying above the fence panels. On the bottom half of the fence panels, paint flowers growing up each board by hand or stencil them. Attach silk flower and leaf garlands to the tops of the fence panels, intertwining the garlands along the fence.

    Window Coverings

    • Cover the windows with lace or eyelet curtains and valances to add lightness and airiness to the room. Along the top of the valance, add another silk and leaf garland intertwined along the valance.

    String Lights

    • String garlands of twinkling lights at various places around the room. The lights could be added to the top of the picket fence, to the tops of the windows, along any shelving on the walls, or along the chair rail around the room. These twinkling lights will add a fairy-like atmosphere in a garden room when the lights are dim.


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