Nursery Jungle Themes

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Make a Scene

  • A jungle-theme nursery doesn’t have to just look like a safari; it can feel like one, too. By accessorizing the room with plush animals and small, potted trees, you can bring the jungle directly into the room in a way that your baby can touch and feel. You may even opt to decorate with wood and bamboo furniture that evokes a sense of the jungle.

Wall Decorations

  • Don’t feel limited to painting the nursery walls a solid color; getting creative with paints, wallpapers and borders can give the room that exotic jungle feeling. If you are particularly artistic, paint a jungle mural on the wall with tigers, lions, tall grass and jungle rivers. Something on this scale is best reserved for a larger room, as it may be too busy for a smaller space. As it is a favorite theme for nurseries, jungle décor is relatively simple to come by. Because of this, a hand-painted mural is not the only option for decorating the walls. Wall decals in the shape of zebras, monkeys and other animals adhere to the walls with ease, and for a more understated look, you can adorn the trim of the room with an animal print wallpaper border in one application. If you prefer the walls clean and neutral, matching framed prints of cartoon animals complement the rest of the room’s jungle imagery.

Staples of the Room

  • Every nursery—and in some cases, every room—should have certain things. Shelving, light switch covers, mobiles, curtains, rugs—all these things and more are necessities, and almost all of them are available in a jungle theme. Mobiles with dangling elephants and giraffes may captivate your child’s imagination, while animal print curtains accent the room with fun patterns. You can never think too small when decorating a nursery. Replace pull knobs on dresser drawers with jungle-theme knobs, and install wall hooks that look like animal heads. Animal print rugs can soften hardwood floors while giving the room a safari tent feeling


    • Mural templates can be found online to create your own animal nursery wall art. You can choose a paint-by-numbers design, wall decal stickers or stencil a mural. If stenciling with paint, practice the brush stroke and design on paper first, to avoid mess-ups on your wall. Painting by numbers can be done with either an overhead projector template or by using transfer paper taped onto the wall. Jungle, woodland, ocean, farm, dinosaur and other animal themes are all available as do-it-yourself murals. You can add 3-D craft pompoms, feathers, shells, glitter paint or glass stones.
      A silhouette mural also is an easy way to create your own mural on the nursery wall, by choosing your own animal-themed image, tracing its outline, and enlarging it with a photocopier or an overhead projector. Use just one color, in a shade at least a little darker than the base color of your walls, for a silhouette look.


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