Good Video Content Draws Viewers – Not The Camera

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Lawyers and cosmetic surgeons are among many business owners interested in marketing themselves using online video, but they should use their time to focus on the content not on video equipment. It can’t be said often enough: it’s content that draws viewers to videos and converts them to clients.

An increasing number of business owners recognize they need for web video as part of their marketing. Making your own videos is not difficult, but a natural urge is to go out and buy some equipment and get started. Although the choice of equipment is important, it’s good content that results in a video that draws an audience. Planning the content that goes into producing your video may not be as exciting as purchasing the camera and equipment but even an inexpensive camera can produce a video that draws viewers providing the content is good.

What type of content should you create? Start by thinking about your business, and the interest of people searching for information that is relative to your services. What exactly are people looking for that you provide? If you know what people are looking for, you can develop content with relevant information. Finding what people are looking for on the internet is by consulting the Google Keyword Tool. You’ll learn which search terms are most sought; from that you can develop the content with information that targets those searches. As an expert in your field, you can produce videos that provide information and answers to the most frequent topics relative to your business and services. But, you don’t want to just give away information; your goal is to get viewers to call you.

To attract many viewers, your goal is developing good content and get it out there, so that your target audience gets the information they’re seeking and also recognizes you as the person with the answer to their questions and the information they need. That’s what attracts people to your videos. In addition, if you come across as having integrity and being trustworthy, you’ll convert more online viewers into callers and from callers to clients. So, it’s not about the best video camera or the type of microphone or which lighting that’s important.

There something else you should know before you produce your videos. You don’t just want to provide information; you want to set yourself apart from all your competitors. After all, that’s what gets viewers to call, and it’s the ultimate objective of your videos. Always remember that your videos are for attracting a specific audience and then compel them to call you.


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