Jerry Hart: A Multitaskular Personality

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Jerry Hart, A well known personality who is an environmentalist, a nature lover and also a green revolutionist had contributed a lot to spread the awareness on GO GREEN, Healthy & nutritious food. He is highly concerned toward the greenery of the environment.  He well knew as being the initiator & founder of charity “Healthy food in School”. He also hosted a Talk show host in both the media Television & Radio, Mr Jerry Hart had talk over large number of issues to make people aware about many importance fact about making life healthy & how to utilize nature gifts by not giving any harm to nature. He also has known as Mr Green to the world.

Making strong communities and the strong followers by either spoken or from written media, Mr Green has made the world to follow his unique and important views. Whether it’s a talk related on Environment or on go green, he has strong command as stated in many inspirational statements, which has rise interest of many followers to focus on preserving nature for the future.

Mr Hart of green has taken the Strong  revolution to make the world green not only by his inspirational talks, but also by running his effective programs to make people aware about the interesting fact on Green Home, Green Health and also about the benefit of green lifestyle and also emphasize to travel Eco friendly.

Jerry Hart has been a professional photographer for the past 30 years. His passion for photography started when he was in high school and ended up shooting for the school. Jerry also worked for different magazines and for companies too like Coral, Revlon, and Converse as a lead photographer. He has shot for several weddings exclusive couples in Dallas, Texas, such as Roger Staubach. He has also photographed other client’s like Tom Landry, Too Tall Jones, and Ross Perot.

Jerry opened up his own Hart Photography in New Hampton, Iowa, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2009. After the successful business experience in New Hampton, he also opened another location in Rochester, Minnesota which has been in business for the last twelve years. Jerry Hart will photograph a series of thing from seniors, children, families, weddings, glamor shots, cars, motorcycles, to anniversary parties an list is going on.

A photographer description memories, events, time and people through a camera. The most universal photographer categories are portrait, commercial, scientific, fine art and news. Photographers currently make use of digital single-lens reflex cameras. Most of  photographers also own a variety of camera lenses, a flash, batteries or a battery pack, studio lighting, editing tools such as a computer program or a stocked darkroom, a tripod, and of course film or memory cards.

They also give equal importance green travel, green products and green living. Here are some tips for green living:
•    Swap the stuff your kids no longer use
•    Carry a bag with you while going out for shopping
•    Use disposable and Plastic cups only when needed
•     Don’t buy use and throw items
•    Install water saving devices


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