Personal Values And Their Role in Workplace

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Some people take life too easy and for them, anything goes. There are also people who have certain values to cherish in their life and for them it’s a life of principles and values that makes the difference between the mundane and the extraordinary.

Suppose you are a teetotaler and you have strong convictions that drinking and smoking are extremely injurious to health. Would you be happy working as a bar tender in a pub?

Suppose you are totally against any corrupt practices or bribing in marketing any product. Assume that your firm has no such principles and you, as a salesman, are given tough targets and you are expected to meet them by bribing people and by indulging in unfair trade practices. How far will you be comfortable in sticking to the job for the sake of earning your livelihood?

People with a well developed sense of faiths, values and principles care a lot about living a life of peace without inner conflicts. When you have to survive by compromising your principles and values, the inner conflicts escalate and mental peace is lost in the process. Perhaps, the survival instincts may force such people to digest the conflicts for a while, but not for long.

In the wakeful hours of a day, an adult spends a major portion of his/her time in the work place. Naturally, the work we do, the company we keep, the thought process that go inside our minds etc are highly influenced by our job environment. Assuming that the job we do is against our moral principles and the people we are bound to move with in the job have values contrary to ours, then we have two problems. One, we are constantly at loggerheads with our principles versus our practice. Second, the ambiance has every potential to dilute or even corrupt our values in the long run.

Losing our values on account of bad company is something worse than compromising our values temporarily on account of dire necessity. The former case can damage our character; but the later can only temporarily impede our self-worth. In the later case, we have the chance to recover ourselves sooner, but in the former case, we may lose track of our own cherished views and values.

In either case, it is obviously bad to spend a sizable portion of our time at the wrong place. The best bet is to stand firm in our principles and be prepared to sacrifice a short term benefit (financial) to the long term benefit (good character). To ensure that, we must only work a place where our values are nurtured. If not, we must be prepared to sacrifice short term needs for the long term good.


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