Preparing Youth Resources Early, As Heir to The Future

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You young people do it infestmu with the best, because what you’re after now is a science. And science is not for yourself but for your children’s children, for the Indonesian people, for the people of Indonesia,
to the country Indonesia, then Recall that the sacrifices
has hundreds of times, like all those nations Indonesia
buried in the gardens of heroes, all waiting for you
will be coming back, so that you can contribute
construction of the homeland and the nation. (Soekarno)

As time advances and the development of the increasingly rapid flow of development. And accompanied by the regional divisions that occurred in the republic of Indonesia. And the youth can not close our eyes to the problem because they are regarded as the heir to the history of civilization of this nation and the owner of a fiery spirit.

If we look back the history of the role of youth is crucial in any social changes that occur, beginning in the pre-independence era in 1908 bedirinya Boedi Oetomo, kemdian oath in 1928 occurred in which all young boys gathered to declare that the nation, speaking one of the water and landed the Indonesian, which is the forerunner of the independence of Republic of Indonesia.

Not only that in 1945, the youths forced us proclaimer Ir. Sukarno proclaimed the independence of the republic soon utuk Indonesia, waaupun at that time at about the kaumtua but with the spirit of the young Indonesian republic’s independence from colonial rule could be a foreign nation. And during 1965, the youth also participate in maintaining this republic of Indonesia from the rebels.

From some of the above situation, the youths first gold ink has made history, now how the role of youth to development, and how young people can be made history gold ink as what the young people first? This is what has always been a question for everyone be it the community or the youth themselves. They do not know what to do, what else they are located in the township.

During this young man has always been a subject of conversation as the nation’s next generation, some even say the youth as the holder of the baton of future history. Meanwhile the boys are confused what they should do what to do, but time will not stop. And the elderly have much hope kepeda the youth to continue the struggle.

The more rapid development and globalization, then in view of the investments necessary melakuakn humen resources by preparing a reliable young man who can prepare themselves to face the flow of change and prepare to assume a milestone on his shoulders, because they are the legitimate heir of the nation’s history, and those who will continue the history bangsaini. Those who will determine the direction of this Indonesian nation step toward greatness.


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