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Removing Soot After a Fire
Cleaning up fire damage is a complex process. Some of your belongings will have actual burn damage, many will have water damage and most will certainly be in need of soot and smoke odor removal. Disater restoration – Colorado Springs- says first and foremost you will want to contact your insurance company for their advice and recommendations. Your insurance agent is likely to recommend a professional disaster restoration company.
In this article we will be addressing the removal of soot after a fire. Disaster restoration professional, SERVPRO of Colorado Springs, emphasizes the crucial first step of “pretesting”. Pretesting helps them determine what type of fire has occurred. This is important because knowing the type of fire and smoke and their behavior patterns is vital for proper restoration. Before you or your disaster restoration professional enters the structure you will want to get permission from the Fire Marshall that the structure is safe.
After a fire it is important to address water damage and moisture before beginning the cleaning process. Remove as many items as possible to allow items and flooring to begin drying. Items such as throw rugs should be removed from carpeting and wood floors. For items of furniture that will not be removed place plastic wrap or foil under the furniture legs. Fire damage expert of Colorado Springs suggests if the weather is warm you will want to close windows and use a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture in your home. If the weather is cold the warm circulating air form your furnace will reduce the moisture. If this is the case be sure to replace your furnace filter every day until there is no evidence of soot.
Carpets must be dry before you try to clean them and remove the soot. Sometimes it is essential to remove wet carpets entirely to prevent further damage to wood flooring. An expert in fire damage – Colorado Springs SERVPRO shares this tip after carpets are dry.
Remove soot, soot is oily and will stain fabrics and textiles. A professional in fire damage will have powerful vacuums for removing soot. If you are unable to use a professional service and are using a household vacuum hold the nozzle off the surface of the carpet. Do Not use an upright vacuum or any attachments with brushes as they will push soot into the carpets, drapes and upholstery. Remove soot from carpets, drapes, upholstery and clothing in this manner. Once you have removed the soot it is recommended that you have your carpets cleaned twice – once prior to any home repairs and again after all repairs have been completed.
To remove soot from walls SERVPRO, fire damage expert of Colorado Springs again advises professional help. Water based cleaners should not be used, especially on plaster walls. The water will cause the soot to stain and bleed into the surface. A non-water based chemical sponge can be obtained from can obtain from a cleaning supply company. Another option is using paint thinner or rubbing alcohol. Extreme caution is needed here as these chemicals produce toxic fumes. Open all windows and use fans for circulation to achieve proper ventilation. Remember to wear rubber gloves.
Removing soot is only one of the steps of fire damage. For more detailed information on dealing with water damage and smoke odor consult with experts in fire damage – Colorado Springs SERVPRO.


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