Fat Foam Hair Color Review

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As a self proclaimed hair color idiot and someone who loves to change her look, I’m extra cautious when it comes to choosing the right hair color.  The classic drippy liquidy hair coloring just wasn’t doing it for me; I couldn’t quite get the hang of them. 

However, when I saw Fat Foam I was very intrigued by the aspect of using a foam hair color.  It seemed easier to apply meaning I would get more even coverage (which I have had problems with in the past).  I chose Medium Reddish Brown and rushed home to try it out.

Mixing the color was easy enough and I, like the rest of the world, skipped the allergy test and threw that stuff right in my hair.  I wouldn’t really say it was really a “foamy” consistancy, but it was much thicker than most hair dyes.  I had no problem applying; it went on really easily and I could even get even coverage on the back of my head. 

The thirty minute wait was longer than I was used to, but I usually use semi-permanent dyes instead of permanant, so it was expected.  I was a little surprised that it came with shampoo and conditioner instead of just conditioner, but they both smelled pretty good.  However, I was somewhat dissapointed that they came in little packets instead of re-sealable tubes.

I’ve heard some people complain that Fat Foam made their hair feel dry and like straw, but I can honestly say I loved the way it made my hair feel.  I don’t know if it was the shampoo or the foam itself, but it made my hair feel really thick and soft.

Overall, the color was good, not as natural as I was expecting; it was a little redder than I had anticipated.  After a few weeks though the color faded a little and I liked it much better.  When it comes to color though, it’s usually your own fault if you don’t like the shade.

I’ll probably try John Frieda Precision Foam next, but Fat Foam did the job fine.  I’d give it 3/5 stars.


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