Vocal Physiology

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Professional singers and many non-professionals I have met and coached know the true meaning of “connecting” with their audience. There is a technique that is both innate and learned. Some people naturally have a gift for emotional physiology while the rest of us have to acquire it somehow. For the rest of us, this acquisition is really not that difficult. In fact, you can even “fake it” so to speak until you are able to master it. Let’s talk about physiology first. What exactly IS vocal Physiology?

Vocal physiology is the “state” or mental, emotional and physical conditioning you employ when you sing. It is more than just good posture and proper tone, it about knowing how to put yourself into a

“state” of being by applying certain principles. One of the basic principles is the ability to imitate what you hear by employing “similar” sounds, emotion and state. I have studied voice and observed singers for many years. And I have found the one thing the really great ones have in common is this – they have the uncanny ability to “turn on” this “it” factor at any given moment. The trick lies in knowing “how” they are doing this and exactly “what” it is that they are doing to accomplish this.

VP – Vocal Physiology Step 1:

I have created a methodical approach to implementing this “state” of being if you will and designed specific principles that will bring you to this state in an instant.

1. Displacement:

You have to set the vocal game up to win. The first step in accomplishing this is to eliminate the very things that are sabotaging your performance. Simply it is about emptying your mind quickly and creating a mental picture of an empty stage where you are standing and signing alone and you can hear every note clearly and resonantly through MSR. You have to be able to “hear” in your mind the perfect performance finale; and you must “feel” the sensations of accomplishment before you even begin performing. You absolutely must be able to hear every note a split second in perfect pitch “before” you sing it. I suggest you practice this principle over again at home or in a comfortable environment before you actually perform live.

The key to mastering this is to work it out by performing a song that you are familiar with (or become familiar with) first. You NEVER want to perform a song publically that you are unfamiliar with until you have mastered the principles of VP! Save yourself the embarrassment – no professional performer would ever sing a song unrehearsed, it would be performance suicide. You may have seen some performers do this but I assure you they are masters of the game!


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