Job Shortages: 5 Reasons Why It’s So Difficult to Find a Job in America

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Job seekers here in the United States are finding it more and more difficult to acquire suitable work today. In times past, a job seeker would respond to an employer’s job ad – simply by placing his/her resume and cover letter in an envelope and mailing it to the company that placed the ad via newspaper, and could quickly get a response by phone from an interested employer. Or the job seeker could call the number (if listed) in the ad…and could win a face-to-face interview if the recruiter was impressed with the candidate’s verbal expressions. Why is it more difficult to find work nowadays?  Job outsourcing, modern technology, more people- fewer jobs, company mergers, and companies going out of business are all contributing factors to the job shortages in America.

Job outsourcing
1. One of the main reasons for job shortages in America is because many companies have and continue to outsource administrative jobs, customer service jobs, and technical jobs to other countries such as China, India, Mexico, and Taiwan at cheaper labor cost.  That’s right…it’s cheaper for American companies to send jobs overseas than it is to keep them here in America. Workers in other countries get paid much less for doing the same job than workers here in the United States. And don’t forget the numerous manufacturing jobs that were exported into other countries.  Bottom line, it’s simply more cost effective for companies to outsource some of its jobs to other countries- but unfortunately the American workers are feeling the impact of the job shortages here in the United States.  

Modern technology
2. Companies are using sophisticated apparatus to execute its daily workload. Nowadays, it takes less people to carryout job duties and responsibilities than it did years ago.  Where it took 100 workers to complete specific task in the 80’s, companies only need half the manpower to complete the same task because high tech computers and robots are designed to process work faster than humans.

Company downsizing and mergers
3. Company downsizing and mergers also contribute to the shortage of jobs in the U.S.  Whenever a company lays off workers in an effort to maintain the operation, it results in hundreds of individuals looking for new jobs.  Inevitably, many workers’ jobs will be eliminated as a result of company downsizing. And when companies merge with other companies to stay in existence, this too will cause many workers to become jobless.   Top executives who are in control of the merging companies usually try to keep the most valuable employees from each company and the others are dismissed because their jobs will no longer be needed in the newly combined organization.

Companies are folding
4. Unfortunately, many companies have had to close its doors because they didn’t make enough returns to keep the business running. In other words, their expenses were more than the profits.  When a company closes it doors, many individuals will become unemployed. Companies are dependent upon the consumers to patronize their business but many customers don’t have the money to support them the way they use to because so many of them are now unemployed.  In short, job loss results in fewer consumers spending and reduced consumer-spending results in loss of businesses. Corporations and other NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement) supporters claim that millions of jobs would be created as a result of the free trade agreement. However, NAFTA opponents suggest that the free trade agreement has reduced the number of jobs in the U. S.  Some American companies are also finding it difficult to compete against the North American Free Trade Agreement and have suffered financial ruin. 

More people than jobs
5. So now we know that mergers, companies folding and downsizing, modern technology, and job outsourcing are leading factors in high unemployment in the United States.  So that leaves us with more people looking for jobs than there are jobs available.
Also, some companies have resorted to hiring less-costly illegal immigrant workers here in the U.S. to avoid paying higher wages to more qualified and experienced applicants.  Many individuals have the educational background and the job experience, yet find it difficult to find suitable work in America.  And what about the recent college graduates?  Many college graduates are disheartened because they are not able to find work in his/her discipline.  And many college graduates have not found work at all.

Concluding, Americans clearly do not have the competitive advantage in the job market they once had. How do we rectify this situation?  The American Government must remain proactive in creating more jobs in the United States, while bringing back jobs to this country to ensure that everyone one who wants to work finds a job in his/ her discipline.


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