A Face

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Not everything in life works out to be smooth. There are hiccups, there are heart aches and there are face burns, though most of them occur figuratively rather than medically. I have often felt that the cause of all these worries and agony is a face. People influence our life more than situations. In occurrences where situations are involved, they too seemed to be created by men themselves. Men imply face. These numerous happenings dot our otherwise merry-go-lucky life with unpleasant memories. I then try to draw a figure of that face in my imagination. You will be amazed by what I see in that picture. I find me. Now with years of experience of doing that, I feel like seeing more and more of me. So it turns out like a blunder to curse people zillions of time when they were actually not responsible for that. In plain and straight words I have cursed others for no fault of theirs. If I speak in a more religious manner then I would say that I have invited many a sin. But sometimes it seems relaxing to openly confess about that.

No matter how right the saying goes that every word out of the mouth is like a Rubicon, confession is satisfying. We may conceal things to others; we may try to conceal that to our selfish self. But in reality things are different. Our conscience and the conscience of the person subjected to our curse know the reality. So how much we try, we can never hide reality. Oil and truth always gather on the surface. How hard we may try to conceal, they surface. Faces are never lost. We may even lose the name, but faces are never lost. When the earth is just a globe, time is just the ticking clock, and life a busy stock exchange, faces are the eternal truth that somewhere and out of nowhere emerge and ask us to save your grace when there is still time. Forgive often, forget more, but not the ones that you commit but the ones that others do.


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