Why Don’t You Understand?

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This is one of the most common questions that people ask. This is one of the most frequent subject that people complain of. Not just that this is one of the most important topics on which arguments are centred on. It creates sourness in the relationships. And often this causes many relationships to fail at testing times.

Life is a mixture of times of happiness and adversities. Men in this world are not supposed to have a bed of roses. There are many things that bother people. Some of those bothering are related to relationships. By some common logic that governs the universe, we can safely assume that no relationship has a smooth sailing. There are moments of turbulence. These moments come when we have arguments. We always complain that the other person does not understand me. Knowingly or unknowingly we have extended the realms of the word “understanding” beyond the limits of its real sense. We commonly feel that the person does not understand me when our thoughts are not agreed to, or rather we don’t have our way the way we want to happen. There is nothing mysterious than the human thinking. Arguments continue because we feel that the person arguing does not understand us. But rather the thing is like; we are just not being able to get our ways agreed upon.

Differences are the essence of human behaviour. They are a way to progress. They must be respected with all due sensibility. Life is the most perplexing reality where the relationships make it a pleasant journey. Assuming that we are supposed to have our way out in every of our thoughts is thoroughly insensible. On a more jovial note I would like to add that some Newtonian forces do act here. It is like, if you do not understand the other person then how are you supposed to expect that people will understand you. Being stubborn will lead you nowhere. Assumptions and prejudice are the two most important things that jeopardise the arguments that would have been healthy otherwise. We should always remember that relationships are very difficult to create and nurture but very easy to break.


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