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Are Shredded Documents Recycled?
Shredding companies in Colorado Springs report sometimes yes and sometimes no to the question “Are shredded documents recycled?” That is because the answer depends on the end user as well as the type and quality of the paper being shredded. Shredding services – Colorado Springs – Shred it Local provides this explanation.
When we shred papers and important documents the purpose is to protect vital information by creating so many tiny pieces of paper from each document that it is impossible to reconstruct that document. When paper is shredded into tiny pieces the length of the fiber of that paper is shortened. Paper with shortened fibers is of lesser quality and has fewer uses for recycling into a finished product. Another disadvantage of recycling shredded paper is that it is very difficult for the recycler to clean and sort the shredded documents. The small pieces of paper can clog expensive equipment, are difficult to confine as well as the sorting process of various types of paper and foreign debris is tedious. The difficulty in getting shredded paper ready for reuse is therefore costly, creating fewer opportunities to recycle. Fortunately there are more uses available to recycle paper when the fibers are longer and maintained in the size of the original document. Any documents such, as general advertising, that does not contain personal information should not be shredded but recycled as is.
Local shredding companies – Colorado Springs – are generally able to recycle the documents they shred from local businesses as business documents have a more consistent paper quality and less foreign debris than documents shredded in the home. Depending on the area of the country in which you live and the available paper recycling options for your region, your shredded documents may or may not be recycled.
There are two primary reasons to shred your personal and business documents. Reason number one of course is to ensure privacy and to prevent vital information from falling into the wrong hands and the second reason is to help preserve our natural resources by being environmentally friendly. Local shredding services of Colorado Springs, CO offer these tips for shredding and being environmentally conscience.
1. Only shred the portion of the document that contains vital information. This may only be 1/3 of the document leaving the larger portion of the document easier and more likely to be recycled.
2. If your local recycler does not accept shredded paper you can find uses for the shredded paper yourself. Many shredding services of Colorado Springs will use the shredded materials for packing when shipping products.
3. Another recommended use is for pet bedding.
4. Some people will even use the shredded documents to make their own paper.

Paper shredding in Colorado Springs is extremely important for the security and privacy of companies and individuals. As a community we also have to realize how vital the shredding services of Colorado Springs are to our environment and we hope that all communities, companies and individuals across our nation are realizing the importance of shredding and recycling as well.
Protect your company, your clients, your employees and yourself by shredding all papers that contain personal and vital information. Help protect and preserve our environment and natural resources as well by selecting a professional, local shredding company that has the proper resources to recycle those shredded documents to the fullest extent possible for your area.


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