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What does paranormal tourism have to offer that other tourism doesn’t? Tourism is a multifaceted industry that offers the tourist a plethora of options for their travel arrangements. The thing that paranormal tourism offers up that other tourism options don’t is the spook factor. The industry can cater to the person who wants to see ghosts or just walk through castles that are said to be haunted. You can camp, stay in a haunted castle, or sleep the night away in a converted prison. The choice is all in how far down the road of paranormal you want to go.

Hundreds of different companies, groups and clubs offer up a wide variety of ghost and paranormal tours all throughout the year. You can find one in just about any city that you look. These tours can range from walking tours of the city, to visiting graveyards, to groups with all sorts of techno-gadgets that are supposed to help you encounter ghosts or poltergeist.
New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana with its rich history and murky bayous is said to be extremely haunted. Voodoo legend and vampire lore are strong influences in this area and most tourism companies will give you not only a spooktacular tour of the old, but provide you with a history legend, as well.

To search for haunted places to stay, you might want to pick up a copy of The Haunted Hotel Guide. It lists over 450 haunted hotels and castles that offer a wide variety of weekend adventures. Another option is teaming up with authentic ghost hunters for an interesting weekend of searching through places that ghosts have been reported.

While this type of travel may not be for everyone and not everyone may be looking to stay in a haunted hotel, it is sure to please even the novice ghost hunter or paranormal enthusiast. Imagine the dark halls of the castle, the wind whipping through the cracks, and suddenly…. Oh who could ask for more?
Word of Caution

Remember there are those who will pray on the unsuspecting and create falsely haunted places to make a buck. Research any area or place you are thinking about going to and call the Chamber of Commerce to see who they recommend for a tour guide. If you are going overseas to one of the many lovely castles in Ireland or Scotland, be sure to check who you are to meet thoroughly before giving up any money. It is better to be safe than part with your money foolishly.

Paranormal tourism has hit an all time high with the advent in popularity of vampire books and seekers of vampire lore are flocking to destinations where known walkers of the night are supposed to inhabit. Again, be careful. Seek to make sure that the tour company is legitimate. You can have a grand and spooky time with any legitimate paranormal tourism company. You can be left stranded on a deserted road with one who works to scam you.

Depending on what you are seeking to get out of a paranormal holiday, you are sure to find it if you contact a reputable paranormal tourism company. Go with an open mind and enjoy the experience.


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