Reducing Cholesterol Levels – What You Need to Know

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Reducing cholesterol levels is essential for superior health. The levels of cholesterol within the body determine cardiovascular well-being given that at high levels, it poses many health risks. Though cholesterol is associated with the health risks that consequence from unhealthy levels within the system, cholesterol is actually really a compound which can be integral within quite a few life processes.

Your Diet

Diet accounts for almost 15% of cholesterol in our system even though the remainder of it is produced by the liver as well as the cells within the intestine and other parts of the system. There are two types of cholesterol.HDL can be the good cholesterol whilst LDL is the bad one. LDL carries the cholesterol from the liver to all the body tissues while HDL carries the unused cholesterol back again to the liver. When there is not enough HDL in the body, excessive LDL might lead to the development of plaque in our arteries that may result to heart ailment. Hence it is essential to sustain low cholesterol levels within the entire body.

Other Factors

Non-dietary factors can also have an influence. Let’s examine a few of these first. These include making sure you get out in the sun everyday as well as maintaining a normal schedule of exercise of about 30 to 45 minutes duration, such as swimming, bicycle riding or walking, to help strengthen your cardiovascular system. In addition, you should try to lose whatever excess pounds which you are carrying approximately on the body. Even losing 10 pounds can result in the definite lowering of your own cholesterol. And, of course, both smoking and alcohol consumption really should be eliminated or kept to the minimum. With regards to alcohol, males will need to restrict themselves to two drinks per day, as well as women to just one.

Cholesterol-lowering Treatment

The main goal of cholesterol-lowering treatment is to lower your LDL level enough to reduce your risk of developing heart disease or having a heart attack. The higher your risk, the lower your LDL goal will be. There are several methods used to lessen high cholesterol levels, which includes following a healthy diet, obtaining plenty of work-out, and achieving a healthful weight. Drug therapy is actually also on the market. Speak to your own medical doctor to see if such therapy might be appropriate for you.

At present, the most popular medication for reducing cholesterol levels are statins. Statins are really effective in reducing blood cholesterol, as they inhibit the production of the enzyme that stimulates the secretion of cholesterol at the level of the liver. Prescribed within the right dose, statins can normalize the production of cholesterol within the human body, thus reducing the risk of arteriosclerosis as well as heart attack and stroke. For the fact that statins are efficient both within preventing and reversing the undesirable effects of cholesterol inside the organism, they are prescribed to countless various categories of patients with cholesterol problems.


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