Health Benefits of Drinking Beer

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Health benefits of Drinking Beer

Many article features the health benefits of red wine but the health benefits of drinking beer are not well known.  Moderate drinking of Beer can keep you healthy in many ways, so chill out and enjoy you glass of beer but of course in moderation.

Reduces the risk of strokes and heart disease

You read me right; up to two bottles of beer a day for men and a bottle of beer for women can boost the body immune system and diminishes the chances of strokes and heart disease. As per the recent studies conducted in America, light drinking reduces the risk up to 20 percent, isn’t it some to cheer about for beer lovers ?

Hardening of the arteries and thickening of the blood are two main causes for heart attacks all over the world, drinking beer can boost the good cholesterol level which eventually reduces the chance of occurrence of arteries hardening and thickening of the blood.

Higher levels of Vitamin B6

As per a study conducted in Holland, beer drinker had increase level of vitamin B6 as compared to nonalcoholic people. The level of vitamin B6 was found to be twice of that present in red wine drinkers.

Wash away kidney stone

A bottle of beer daily can reduce the risk of kidney stone formation and if you already got one, don’t worry, drinking beer regularly can even get rid of them. Isn’t that something to cheer about? Why waste money on those expensive pills, just take a bottle of beer daily and get rid of your kidney stone!

Promotes relaxation and restful sleep

Beer doesn’t contain any fat and drinking beer helps in taking rest and promotes sleep. Insomnia patients could drink a bottle of beer or two just to get some sleep.

Cancer Prevention

Studies have shown that xanthohumol, a substance found in hops, may prohibit cancer triggering enzymes and help the body in cessation of carcinogens. Further studies are being conducted on the effect of the compound in treatment of prostate and colon cancers.

Increases the level of anti-oxidants

Drinking few bottles of beer daily increases the level of anti-oxidants in the body which helps the cells to carry more oxygen throughout the body. Higher level of oxygen in the body means better muscle activity.

So with the many health benefits of drinking beer, beer-lovers can rejoice and enjoy a bottle or two of beer everyday.


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