Fear, AN Obstacle TO Success

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What are you afraid of? I know this question may catch you off guard, but I want you to think about it because fear will stop you from being successful in life.

According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s dictionary fear ‘is an unpleasant feelings caused by the possibility of danger, pain, a threat etc.’ But the best way to describe fear is by defining it as a twisted faith. You may not realize that you are under fear’s control until you are confronted with certain situations; but once you locate those areas and apply the Word of God to them, you will conquer fear.

Conquer means ‘to subdue, defeat or overcome.’ This is what God wants you to do to the devil every time he comes at you. The Bible says in Roman 8:37 that ‘No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us’. When Jesus is on your side, nothing coming against you can succeed. As a Christian, you can not afford to tolerate fear in you life. Once you make a decision to get rid of fear, it will no longer hold you down.

You’ve probably heard people say that “a little fear never hurt anyone.” You may have even grown up in a household or a neighborhood where fear was instilled in you everyday. Regardless of what anyone has told you, fear is not natural; and it’s not from God. The bible says in 2Timothy 1:7, ‘God did not give us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.’ The source of fear is not God, but the devil. He uses circumstances and thoughts to bombard your mind with fear.

 Have you observed that when you are afraid, you don’t think clearly? In fact, when you are scared, you do things that you wouldn’t do under normal circumstances. Fear causes you to act in a way that goes against your better judgment. Satan is your enemy; and he searches the earth to see whom he can destroy. Fear is a weapon he uses to try and accomplish his destructive goals. That’s why you can’t afford to open the door to it. If you do, fear will eventually destroy you.

Note: To be fearful is a dangerous place to be.


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