Male Reproductive Health Issues

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Urological problems should not be a reason for embarrassment to men. While one must possess a certain measure of courage to really go to a medical specialist and “bare it all” particularly if you believe your doctor will just brush off your “problem” as a petty one. Setting aside perceived potential humiliation, it is a good idea to confer with a medical professional for anything that ails you. Provided here is a short list of the more common male troubles or conditions; though this is not implied as a dependable source of treatments. You have to go to a doctor for that. This is provided as a guide.

To Cut or Not to Cut

Although circumcision is dropping its place as a requisite rite of passage, a lot of uncircumcised boys are still teased by their playmates. It is due to this “stigma” of being uncircumcised that causes several adult males wanting to be circumcised. In other cases, infection occurs because of a patient’s less than hygienic habits. (Apart from religious grounds, hygiene is the major rationality why circumcision is advised.) Also, the urinary stream might be smaller than normal caused by obstruction from skin folds. Uncircumcised males should not put the blame on their parents for not getting them circumcised sooner. If the situation troubles them, they can subject themselves under the scalpel.

Infections and diseases

If there is a discharge, especially if it bears a foul odor and painful urination, you could have contracted a sexually transmitted disease. A gonococcal (gonorrhea-causing) infection creates pus and might make urinating painful. You and your mate must see a doctor at once.

Herpes infection

Blisters in the skin area might be caused by the herpes virus. Although frequently self-limiting, anti-virus medication can alleviate herpes. Genital herpes is passed around by sexual contact with an affected person and is considered a venereal disease. In men, genital herpes infection is typically less severe than in women. To keep your partner from getting the infection, seek medical assistance ASAP.

Erectile Dysfunction

This trouble is the inability to penetrate, and makes men concerned that their partners are left distressed. There exists multiple causes, involving a hard one to solve—it arises from the mind. Nonetheless, there are also many solutions to the problem of performance, starting from medication (the infamous blue pill comes to mind) to the utilization of mechanical devices, and—still more drastic—surgical operation for replacement with a prosthesis.

Congenital problems are genuinely problematic for men. Among the more serious is cryptorchidism. Cryptorchidism involves the word orchid from the Greek orchis implying testicle. Around two thousand years ago, Pliny the Elder remarked that the orchid was remarkable in that, having its double roots, it resembled the testicles. If you put an orchid inside a crypt, you have a condition noted by the inability of the testes to go down into the scrotum. A like problem is the absent testis. Rather than the normal pair of testes, there’s only one testis in the scrotum. The solution to this is surgery or orchidopexy.


There are numerous causes for male infertility like obstructions in the vas deferens and elsewhere, hormonal imbalances and low yield of sperm. Treatment depends upon the cause. Treatments can range form of hormonal injections, medication, to surgery.


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