How to Build And Optimize a Community on Twitter

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Social Media Networking sites like Twitter, Facebook provides you a platform to share, gain and discuss topics of your interest. Apart from it, they help you in updating about what is happening around you. Building a marketing strategy requires a lot of research work. Some of the key points for this process have been jotted down below:

Identify your target audience: Though there is a huge audience, but you need to segment your audience. Your target audiences are the individuals, who can influence your target and who have direct decision making power over the issue your organization is working to address. Target your audience according to the following criteria:

  • Country/Area/Region/City

  • Demographic profile

  • Related designations

  • Income Group

Observation:  You can learn a lot by observing. Before creating content (tweets) for your marketing goals you need to observe the following:

  • What your target audience is posting?

  • Which feeds they are re-tweeting?

  • What followers they are having?

  • Whom they are following? and

  • What are the stats of following and followers on their account?

These observations will help you in building content strategy for social media marketing and will help you to decide whom to follow.

Find out trends:  You must find out what latest trends are going on around. Today people are following the latest things in market also they like what is new to them. So keep an eye on the latest buzz and keep optimizing your content.

Follow new smm techniques by:

  • Subscribing to the related blogs

  • Get involved in discussions and forums

  • Get connected with other sources through offline networking

Categorization of Tweets:  Tweets mentioning to a particular category helps your prospects to find information about their requirement easily. You must categorize your tweets by posting a hash tag along with your tweet. Applying a hash tag makes the search process in twitter much faster and also gives the related results. Apart from this it also helps to track your mentions. For e.g. if you are posting a business news then you must use #BusinessNews (hash tag) with the post.

Re-tweeting: Listen to whom you are following and re-tweet at least once in a day.

One to One conversation: Be realistic and initiate one to one conversations with:

  • Your followers

  • People whom you re-tweet often

  • People who re-tweets your tweets

  • People you follow

Interact with active users and reply to their queries frequently. Be genuine to your followers.

Mentions: Mentions helps in tracking your significance in twitter. When your mentions grow you get exposure in twitter. In order to get mentioned you need to:

  • Interact with the people related to your community.

  • Mention them in your tweets.

  • Post interesting tweets that makes your followers to re-tweet or comment on.

  • Help and promote each other.

Following these key points will help you build your community and will result in increased number of conversions.


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