Green Lantern Movie

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This is a sci-fi/action movie starring Ryan Reynolds as the lead character. It also stars Angela Bassett.This movie is about a cocky, irresponsible and womanizing pilot from Earth who must overcome his fears after he was chosen to become a member on an intergalactic peace keeping force called Green Lantern Corps.

Ryan Reynolds character is Hal Jordan, a cocky pilot from Earth. He is a risk pilot who is haunted by memories of his pilot father crashing and exploding when he was just a little boy. Being an orphan, he grew up with a girl whose father has an aviation company. The aviation company is looking to snag a government contract. The government approval team is headed by Senator Hammond who has a scientist son Hector. Hector became one of the villain in the movie.

Somewhere in the universe, an intergalactic peace keeping force called Green Lantern Corps is battling Parallax,: a growing threat which has harnessed the power of fear. Parallax uses fear to generate/obtain it’s force; Green Lantern Corps obtains it’s force from the absence of fear and doubt. One of the Green Lantern Corps, Abin Sur fought against the growing threat, got wounded and makes it to earth. Abin has a ring and the power of the ring must be transferred to an earth person who has no fear; the ring must choose this person who has no fear and chooses Hal Jordan.

The body of Abin was obtained by a government agency headed by Amanda Waller (Angela Bassett) and must be examined by Hector. Hector got infected during the examination by Parallax. he became disfigured and developed extraordinary telekinetic powers. Upon Hal’s  return to earth, he battled the disfigured Hector and Parallax who intends to gobble up earth people in order to become more powerful. To make the story short, Hal was successful and defeated Parallax and Hector; becomes a full pledge Green Lantern Corps and dated the leading lady, a daughter of the aviation company owner. The Green Lantern Corps has the green color as the motif while Parallax motif is yellow.

The film has great visual effects, has dazzling superhero, a beautiful leading lady. Green Lantern has imperfections but it is entertaining both for comic fans and non-comic fans.  It has lots of characters and subplots but and didn’t have enough time to dealt with these characters and subplots properly. Angela Bassett’s character is one of these characters. Maybe they will have enough time to deal with these subplots in the next installment which I am sure there will be.

Green Lantern is worth spending time and money.

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