Are You Ready For Some Football?

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Soccer is the world’s most loved sport. It’s the number one sport just about everywhere except for the United states. America is a mixture of people from all walks of life and many different cultures. So then, why hasn’t soccer grabbed the attention of the American people yet?

    Not only is soccer not the number one sport in the U.S, it’s also ridiculed and looked down upon by the majority. Even high profile late show host, Jay Leno, pokes fun at soccer. The media as a whole down plays soccer, while praising football, basketball, baseball, tennis, and even golf. What is it that soccer is doing wrong? Why doesn’t it appeal to the American people? Well, my studies have lead me to believe the main reasons American’s shun soccer is because we’re not among the best plyers, and there is too little scoring to keep the attention of the average American.

     The majority of sports that we, as Americans, enjoy are the ones in which we have a dominant figure in it. We had Michael Jordan for basketball, Joe Montana for Football, Venus and Serena Williams for Tennis, Tiger Woods for golf, and Babe Ruth for Baseball. Nobody American born has dominated soccer as of yet, or made it famous as the afore mentioned athletes have. Even David Beckham couldn’t rise soccer’s popularity in the U.S., because he wasn’t born in the states. It’s my strong belief that if there were an American born soccer star, that could take the game by storm and make a big name for himself, it would help raise the popularity of soccer in the U.S.

     Another issue with soccer, is that it is a low scoring game. Some could argue that hockey is also low scoring, but they seem to forget hockey isn’t exactly in the lime light in the U.S., and there are actually people who watch it in hopes of seeing a fight, or a few hard hits. Most strategic, low scoring sports fair poorly in the U.S. When is the last time you heard a conversation between a group of Americans about polo, soccer, or lacrosse? We are a nation that demands fast paced action and instant results . Some could argue baseball is slow compared to football and basketball, but the difference is it’s fast paced. Three strikes you’re out and three outs for a turnover is fast enough to keep our attention, as opposed to soccer, in which some games can go the entire game with no scoring in regulation play.

     In order for soccer to become a success in the U.S. it’s going to need either an American born superstar, or a faster pace to it’s games, or possibly both. Soccer happens to be my all time favorite sport, but it just isn’t built for mainstream appeal in America. If they change it up too much, then it’ll no longer be soccer. Maybe it’s just doomed to failure in the U.S., or perhaps a rising star for soccer is just around the corner, ready to make a name for himself and the sport.


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