Anxiety Can Take a Toll on Your Physical And Mental Health so Act Now, Its Treatable!

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Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress for human beings. When this anxiety level reaches a limit where it interferes in the day to day to life of an individual and makes him/her incapable of performing at an optimum level then it is termed as an anxiety disorder.

The difference between anxiety and fear can be stated as, anxiety is a state of mood which might exist without any trigger or stimulus whereas for fear, there is definitely a cause or trigger behind it.

Five major types of anxiety disorder are

1. General Compulsive Disorder

2. Obsessive compulsive Disorder

3. Panic Disorder

4. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

5. Social Anxiety Disorder

General Compulsive disorder: It is a kind of anxiety disorder which happens because of excessive stress in normal day to day life. This can make an individual incapable of shedding off unnecessary worries or concern about regular events which matter in somebody’s life like an office presentation, a travel schedule or a family event.

Obsessive compulsive disorder: It is a kind of anxiety disorder where the concerned individual keeps thinking about an event over and over again which makes him/her anxious. To do away with this feeling of anxiety people often perform certain gestures which give them a temporary relief, like cleaning, checking, counting etc.

Panic Disorder: It is a kind of anxiety disorder where there is repeated occurrence of intense phobia attacks and the symptoms can be chest pain, breathing problems, dizziness etc

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: This kind of anxiety disorder is a result of exposure to an unpleasant/unwelcome incident like death of a loved one, an accident natural calamity or act like sexual abuse, physical torture etc

Social Anxiety Disorder: It is a kind of anxiety disorder where an individual becomes overtly conscious about his image in public or how he is being judged by other people. This kind of anxiety disorder has symptoms like stammering, sweating profusely blushing etc while making a public appearance or when an individual is in a social group. 

Treatment for Anxiety disorder

Medicines: Medicines are a proven way to deal with anxiety but it should be taken only under the expert guidance of a doctor. Herbal drugs are also available which claim to have no side effects. These drugs have their origin in china.

Psychological counseling: Psychological counseling by qualified counselors can also give people who are suffering from anxiety, considerable amount of relief.

Physical and breathing Exercises: It is said that breathing exercises done on a regular basis along with a thorough physical fitness routine can do away with anxiety over a period of time.

The methods of treatment mentioned above can be administered in combination also (as deemed necessary by experts) to get better results.


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