What do You Need to Become a Freelance Writer

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“Thinking” rather than thingy – that’s what your prime need is to become a freelance writer. Are you a thinker? Can you think and organize your thoughts well before they flow out from your brain to the paper (or the word processor)? Can you think of the right subjects to write effectively and engagingly? Do you think you can spare your time with good concentration, read relevant reference material, assimilate what you have learnt and then pour it in your own words and style with good grammar?

Do you think before you jump into freelance writing that it takes lots of time, effort, patience, hard work and determination to succeed as a freelance writer and that it is not so easy for everyone to taste success and gain financial returns to the extent of quitting a full-time paying job?

Well; if you think you have thought of all the above things well, then you are ready to jump into freelance writing. Now let’s see some of the “things” you would need to become a freelance writer:

1)  Hand writing, typing and physically submitting your writes for the evaluation of the potential publishers are virtually becoming things of the past. As a freelance writer, the very first need for you is to have a personal computer with a word processor. 

2)  An internet connection, preferably a broadband connection is the next thing you need. Needless to mention that an e-mail account is a must. Even if you are going to submit your writes to printed magazines, you have to essentially word process them and send them to the editors as e-mail attachments.

 3)  Freelance writing has become one of the widely chased money making opportunities in the web.  Freelance writing is no longer confined to the boundary of a single country.  Naturally, the next thing you need is membership in the multifarious sites that offer you freelance writing opportunities. Fortunately many of these sites offer you membership free of charge. (Examples: Helium, Associatedcontent, Suite101, Ehow and so on).

 4) The moment you start writing freelance – whether in a blogging site, in your own blog, or in web content sites, you become an instantly published “international author”.  Consequently, if and when you start earning money from your efforts, the payment to you may come from any country – not necessarily from your native country.  As a freelance writer, the next thing you require is an account in an international payment gateway like Paypal, which is a very popular service provider operating in several countries across the globe.  You have to register with Paypal  (using your e-mail ID) and provide all the relevant particulars to the firm, including your bank particulars.

5)  If you are going to become a freelance writer of web content, then you should know several rudimentary things about writing for Internet audience. You should write to the point, write in simple and engaging style, write short and sweet, write in short paragraphs, use numbered and bullet lists and above all write to attract lots of visitors through search engines.  You should know about search engine optimization techniques. Oh that’s  “the thing” to learn for the present day freelance writer!


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