Flash Fiction: Leaveing Home For Ever

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‘I’m leaving home – for ever’ – Sarah pasted the note slip on the computer screen where Mike would definitely see it. She wondered whether her burning rage against her husband would die down, as usual, after 3 days. No. This time she felt it’s all over. No more toleration of his non-communicative arrogance and ‘holier than thou’ attitude.

Mike had left home to airport one hour ago to bring “the person” home. All her efforts to find out whom he was bringing failed so far. An ex girl friend? No trace from his known e-mail account with password. Bank accounts showed he had been using money to buy air ticket. He had been spending money in refurbishing the guest room at the first floor of the house, ‘because the person will stay permanently with us’.

Last night when she rang up her parents’ home, it was her father who answered the call. “Give the phone to mom, Dad”

“ Cool down Sarah! Why do you sound so angry?”

“You won’t understand me. I’ll talk to mom. Call her”

Her father’s voice sank low. “She’s not here. She has gone on a holiday with her friend. No wonder you couldn’t call her cell. She wants no disturbance for 5 days. Okay? Now tell me your problem”.

After listening patiently to his daughter’s virtual verbal diarrhea for the next twenty minutes, he said, “Oh baby. You remain as immature as you were in your teens. Your hubby Mike was my selection and my precious gift to you. I made a mistake when I selected my wife, but not so when I selected your husband . Have patience. Let Mike bring his surprise guest. It may be shocking to you, but who can ever grasp God’s scheme of things?”

Father’s counseling had failed to impress Sarah. He was a spineless man, ever financially dependent on his arrogantly rich wife. His advice has no worth.

As Sarah locked the house and took her car out, Mike’s car whizzed in. As Mike opened the car doors, she saw “the person” getting out. It was her father!

“Open the doors, Sarah. Your daddy will have to stay with us. No respectable man at this age can ever tolerate his wife having affair with another man”.


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