(Actually True) Reviews of Online Money Making Schemes

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After just a few minutes looking for fast and easy money on the Internet, you may be overwhelmed by the choices, and more importantly, stuck wondering if they actually work.

Here I’m going to outline some popular Internet money making techniques and whether they’ll work for you or not.

Why Should I Listen to You?

draft_lens18094099module151126904photo_1After getting laid off due to budget cuts at my last place of employment, I decided I was sick of working 9-5. I hated staring out the window but never getting a chance to go outside. So I decided to try and leverage my web development experience to figure out how to make money from home.

As a long-time promotional writer, web developer, and marketing coordinator, I figured I’d be able to cut through the crap better than most–but what I found was overwhelming! It seems that most pages promise to make you rich overnight, and the ones that don’t still find a way to give you unmerited hope.

I’ve made a few purchases on sites like these and it’s never what is promised. In fact, there is always a step after purchase that involves some HUGE time commitment on my part to make any money. In many cases, these sites are just resource lists that you could have compiled yourself using google and a word processor.


Books to get you started

25 Ways to Make Money Online: Your Complete Guide to Legitimate Online Jobs and Opportunities That Allow You to Work From Home And Earn A Paycheck
25 Ways to Make Money Onl…How to Make Money Using Etsy: A Guide to the Online Marketplace for Crafts and Handmade Products
How to Make Money Using E…Make Money Online: How I Created a Six Figure Income Giving Away a Dead Guy's Book
Make Money Online: How I…Beyond Viral: How to Attract Customers,  Promote Your Brand, and Make Money with Online Video (New Rules Social Media Series)
Beyond Viral: How to Attr…Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul
Make Money Online: Roadma…


How to Spot a Scam

draft_lens18094099module151127529photo_1Over time (and after a mistake or two), I came up with some criteria to identify scams:

1. Does it promise to make you rich overnight?
2. Examine the site itself: does it only have one or two pages, and does it force you to go through a payment portal?
3. Is it free to join but then costs money later?
4. Does it use images that you’ve seen on other sites? The most common ones are graphs of how much money someone has made. This is a major red flag.
5. Does it force a sense of urgency by claiming there is a limited number of something left? Return to the site a few hours/days later, and see if the number is the same.
6. Do you notice similarities between these sites? It’s because they’re all owned by the same companies. Avoid these. This company wants your money.
7. Is the page missing an “about” page or any further explanation beyond a video or demonstration?

Here’s Your Bottom Line:
According to popular culture, you have to “spend money to make money”, but that just isn’t true for Internet marketing. Internet marketing is supposed to work exponentially better because of the low overhead and non-existent maintenance cost. Keep that in mind.


Don’t go anywhere near these sites


Consider these sites blacklisted. I’ve either used them and seen their portal myself, or researched them extensively only to find out the horrific truth:

1. Blogging to the Bank: This site is a huge scam. Once you buy into it, the site pushes you to make more and more purchases. This site’s primary goal is to make money OFF YOU, not to make you money. Also the support is terrible, which is a clear indication of how much this company cares about its consumers.

2. LegitOnlineJobs.com: You join Clickbank affiliate program and promote others product through PPC like Google adwords and spend lots of money in advertising. There is no guarantee that you’ll profit -or actually make any money.

3. RealWritingJobs.com: This portal requires that you bid for jobs…most of these jobs pay well under $100/per job, and there are often 15+ bidders that have already offered on it. Imagine how many jobs you’d have to do just to make money!

4. Survey-Taking Sites: While these sites often claim to make you $15/hr with just ONE survey, the vast majority of surveys payout less than $1, PLUS you have to be eligible to take the survey in the first place.

5. Easy Paycheck Formula and similar e-book guides: These are all full of advice you can get just by searching the internet (or some of Squidoo’s articles). Get your advice from reliable sources. Usually, if it’s reliable, it will give you the advice for free.



Things actually worth purchasing

The Six-Figure Second Income: How To Start and Grow A Successful Online Business Without Quitting Your Day JobThe Six-Figure Second Income: How To Start and Grow A Successful Online Business Without Quitting Your Day Job

by: David Lindahl, Jonathan Rozek

Amazon Price: (as of 06/29/2011) Buy Now


A Practical Guide for Working from HomeA Practical Guide for Working from Home

by: Rachel Forbes

Amazon Price: (as of 06/29/2011) Buy Now


Profitable Startups: 10 Smoking Hot Businesses That You Can Start Today!Profitable Startups: 10 Smoking Hot Businesses That You Can Start Today!

by: Rachel Forbes

Amazon Price: (as of 06/29/2011) Buy Now

Free and Useful Internet Marketing Tools

Hub Pages

HubPages has easy-to-use publishing tools, a vibrant author community and underlying revenue-maximizing infrastructure. Hubbers (HubPages authors) earn money by publishing their Hubs (content-rich Internet pages) on topics they know and love


Earn ongoing royalties via Google AdSense when people engage with your content.

Cash Crate

Test products and take short surveys for money. Don’t expect big payouts, but you can make some money with this site.

Product Testing

Companies all over the world are developing new products, or revising and improving old ones, every day. Your rewards for participating may include cash, product points, sweepstakes prizes, or keeping the evaluated product.


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