Magic Jack Review (Canada)

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The fact that you simply plug the MJ into your computer, plug in your phone and start calling for free has attracted many users. After you purchase your Magic Jack USB dongle you receive a unique phone number that is completely yours and lasts for life, this in itself is something other phone companies cannot deliver. During the free trial there is a 100% risk free period which allows the end user to make as many free calls as they desire. There is free local and long distance calls for owners; there is also free directory assistance, free call waiting, free voicemail and free caller ID. The quality of calls you can make with the MJ is very good and the products recent popularity has only increased the features and service you will receive with this product. The online based customer service for the Magic Jack has also been very well received for the most part however there have been some very vocal individuals on the web complaining about the online customer service

When I moved into my new Condo, they required that I have a local landline so the building’s gatehouse could contact me whenever I had visitors. The cable company was going to charge me $40/month for phone service, and I thought that was an awful waste of money for a phone I’d barely ever use. So I got a Magic Jack instead.

I’ve found it to be so reliable and clear that I frequently use it instead of my cellphone. It’s super easy to use, you plug it in, and it just goes. It always works, and my favorite feature is that it emails you your voicemails–so I can check them from anywhere, anytime. Even better, it saved me $40/month.

For Canadian users, Magic Jack charges an extra $10 per year for you to get a Canadian area code. Considering the amount of money I was saving, I was OK with it, but I thought it was a bit unfair since there was no such stipulation for the states.

Living in Canada, that area code is important since I’ve found most local businesses, and even healthcare professionals, won’t call an international number or an area code outside of the province. Too bad. But otherwise an excellent product. If you’re in the US, it’s a no-brainer. If you want a Canadian or 1-800 number, definitely worth the savings. 

Keep in mind, this product’s success and usability is directly related to whether you have a STABLE internet connection or not. If your internet is iffy, you may want to consider trying another option.


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