How to Install or Replace Modem in Your Computer

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Things you’ll need:

  • New Modem

  • Screwdriver

  1. Troubleshooting computer problems may take time but save you money in the end. If you think your modem is bad call your internet provider to see if they have made changes in their service that you unaware of. If they check out call your phone company to see if they are having problems in your area and call computer geeks to pick their brains to see if there is something you can try, before making that purchase. You want to save time and money.

  2. Turn your computer off and take off the cover. Check to see if you have two PCI card slots. If you do take, out the modem and move it into the other slot. Reboot computer and see if that works for you. **** We should have started here!

  3. Next, if your modem is bad BEFORE installing read the manual that came with it. No matter how much you think you know you may realize you don’t the hard way. Take a minute and read it. Follow the instructions they give you.

  4. OK your modem is bad, you’ve purchased the new one and you’ve read the manual. Stop, did you uninstall the old one? You don’t want any conflicts when you are done.

  5. If you put your cover back on, it’s time to remove it again and get down to some serious business.

  6. Remove the old modem by unscrewing it and pulling it out of the PCI card slot.

  7. Insert PCI card into the card slot that is available and tighten down the screw. Reboot your computer and watch it recognize your new modem. Log onto your Internet provider to see that you have completed the task correctly and you are connected. When it does turn your computer back off, and replace the cover.


  • My new modem said install software before taking the cover off. Follow the instructions they give you on installing software that comes with your modem.

  • While you have computer cover off clean your fans. Be careful when installing modem there is still a chance to get shocked.

Wikipedia: A computer is a programmable machine designed to sequentially and automatically carry out a sequence of arithmetic or logical operations. »


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