Stomp The Yard 2: The Homecoming – Not Bad, But Almost Exactly The Same Plot as The Original

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Okay I watched Stomp The Yard 2: The Homecoming.  My wife hated it.  Only good thing about that movie is that they show some love to the dark skinned sisters.  Dude was getting set up by some light skinned girl he was with back in the day that moved on to be with the opposition from a rival fraternity.  But dude was really, really, stupid, I mean the girl was okay but I don’t think the attraction was a deep as they tried to make it out to be.  Girl was really sexy too, I won’t front about that, but if she had hurt him as deeply as he said that she did he would not have went back to her.  Supposedly they had this really deep relationship and he still isn’t over her.

The execution was really stupid.  Every time the girl tried to put a wrench in his current ladies plans she believed it but she never, ever, confronted the girl.  Instead she just tried to play hard with him like “I’m not playing second fiddle”, and so on and so forth, so lame.  If the girl was really as upset as she said she was she would have confronted that chick and let her know what time it is.  Teyana Taylor was supposed to be playing the girls best friend, calming her down and everything like you can’t let that girl get to you.

David Banner was playing some thug that kept messing with dude I was like, okay it is not that serious. Totally unbelievable.  You are just trying to punk the guy to see how much money you can get from him, that is all that this was about.  Dude didn’t even owe David Banner any money, that is how ludicrous it was.  Those were the highlights of the film.  Everything else was completely like the first film.  The only real difference is that there was no opposition from the parents to being with the girl.  It was like whatever you never even saw the girls parents in the film, she wasn’t anyone important.  Considering how the first movie went down it is a shame that they did not build up the tension there.  Dude in the first movie was truly in love with his chick and down til the end, he fought some serious opposition to be with the girl.  This guy, don’t even really love his girl that much just hates the fact of losing her because he don’t want to be alone even though he still has a taste for that other girl back in the day.  The protagonist from the first film made a comeback with wise, sage advice for the new recruits.

Honestly, they should not have waited 3 years to develop this film.  There are entirely too many loose ends to count and nothing gets resolved.  I guess old girl just took the boy back even knowing full well she was the rebound chick and her man wanted to smash that girl so bad he could just taste it.  If you were in that film you probably would have done it for him …


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