Ten Things That Can Get You Fired

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Most people will do anything to avoid being fired. They come to work on time, do a good job of keeping the complaints themselves. If there is a level of dissatisfaction at work, could stop fantasizing about a day, but certainly do not want their output is the result of being fired. 

Sometimes doing a good job is not enough, according to Cohen, professional advice Roy, author of “Career Guide, The Wall Street professional.” “If you are in an” employment at will “environment, c ‘, ie not in a union and don’ t have a contract can be terminated for various reasons, subtle and, in addition, your employer does not even reveal the why you’re fired ” 

Career Builder.com editor Kate Lorenz has compiled a list of ten things you should know about that might help you fire 

1) Do not be impressed by your job description 

If you do not learn all facets of their job description and the coast along doing a good job with what is presented to you, but take no initiative to learn more and do more, there are many possibilities in the next round job cuts to a pink slip in his pay envelope. 

2) Often, saying: “Not my job” 

In a tough economy, employers are working with a small team, expecting employees to be flexible in the cross-training and help each other. If you lack a generous spirit and rigidly by his job description could be invited to an early exit. 

3) Making your own “benefits” 

Shopping in the closet of the offer, have a friend with a “business” lunch, taking advantage of their company card for personal use gas or any other flight time as the boss and the money is the main reason being dismissed. 

Abuse of technology 4) 

Many employers monitor their employees activities on the computer. Indiscreet e-mail activity on social networks during office hours, surfing the Internet or play computer games in the crime of company time are rejected. Even text messages on their own cell phone when you should focus on the job can be fired. 

5) File a complaint about the work 

If you are a complainer constantly telling anyone who will listen how boring your job or what your supervisor is an idiot, these observations could reach the ears of their boss and you could be replaced by someone more grateful to have a employment. 

6) Be wary of No. 1 

If you do not interact well with peers, to take credit for the efforts of others, or show an arrogant, know-it-all attitude, no matter how skilled and experienced they are, their days could be numbered for Employers tend to eliminate whose behavior interferes with a harmonious working environment. 

7) Getting too personal 

If you bring your personal life and the persistent problems at work, too many phone calls, long conversations that are personal distraction to those around you, asking others to perform for you while you take a break to perform personal errands or other evidence that work is interfering with your life, you are able to get the start and end with all the time you need to manage their personal lives, and no, not worth keeping. 

8) Make up your own “flexible” hours 

Shorten your workday for always being late and leave early for one reason or another could wave a red flag to encourage your boss to finish instead of a replacement that actually works when agreed at the time of recruitment. 

9) Postponing

An employee who is absent on a regular basis delays or stacked unfinished projects in his / her inbox will not be appreciated and valued by the powers that be. If your employer can not count on you to do the work in a timely manner, he / she is sure to find someone who can. 

10) Gossip 

If you spread rumors or encouraging others to hear the gossip, which is capable of being labeled a troublemaker and his name will be on the top of the list when there are reductions and cutbacks. It is likely that employers with respect to employees of their own affairs and concentrate on their work. Even if you book your activity gossip for lunch or breaks, if the negative comments back to your boss, your job could be in danger. 

There is little security in the current job market. If the value of your work, you are responsible for ensuring that their conduct is above reproach in all areas to reduce the risk of dismissal of one of the reasons mentioned above, or for any other reason.


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