Treating Lavender With Depression

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Depression makes you feel sad, lost, hopeless, uneasy, sleepy, careless, and simply unhappy. One of the best natural ways to relieve depression is by using lavender and placing it around your home. Lavender’s aroma helps bring peacefulness, calmness, and happiness into any atmosphere and helps relieve your depression without the use of heavy medicines.

One of the best ways to use lavender to help relieve depression is by taking a soothing relaxing bath in lavender oil or bubble bath. If your not a fan of taking a bubble bath a hot shower with organic lavender body wash is another excellent way to help lift your mood up and make you feel motivate and happy again anytime you are feeling sad and alone.

If your not a fan of using lavender oil, bubble bath, or body wash in your tub or shower you can always light some lavender candles inside your home or office. The lavender aroma will fill the air around you and relieve stress and create a peaceful calming atmosphere. The candle itself with the little flickering flame can even help warm your heart and soul and lift up your spirits. If you do not like using candles you can always add some lavender oil to a fragrance oil burner and release the lavender aroma into a room that way to create a relaxing atmosphere. The best time to use lavender candles or burn lavender oil is when you are feeling depressed or sad. If you suffer from depression all the time it may be best to keep a candle or oil burner going throughout the day to help release a calming aroma that you can breathe in all the time, but you will want to make sure you are around the candle or burner at all times because you don’t need a fire to start.

Other ways to relieve depression using lavender is by taking a lavender room spray and spraying your room down with it. You can even take some lavender spray and spray your bedding and pillows with it to help give them a calming happy aroma for when you lye your head down at night and need a calming aroma to help calm your mind and get you to sleep. You could even get some lavender body spray and spray your body down with it after a shower and have the lavender scent linger with you all day to help keep you happy and your mood uplifted.

The reason lavender can help relieve depression is because it contains a natural sedative in it that helps calm the body, mind, soul, and spirit down naturally when it becomes sad or restless. However, using lavender too much can make you drowsy and sleep, but if you use it a little bit at a time it can make you feel happy and calm.

So, next time you are feeling some depression coming on go take a lavender bath or shower, light a lavender candles or burns some oil, or simply sprays your room or pillow down with some lavender spray and allows the lavender aroma to make you happy and calm again. I wish you all the best at becoming free from depression naturally and I hope some peace can be brought back into your life.


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