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If you want to see some really, really, old articles of mine check out my profile on Helium.  I like Helium, because they can bring out the competitiveness in writers by pitting articles against each other and giving each article a score to see which is the most popular in the system.  You may have the top article today but there may only be two articles written on that topic.  By the time a few hundred articles are written on the same topic, is your article still the number one article on that topic?  Chances are it will not be.

One thing I do not care for about the network is that if you do not rate other individual’s articles you can quickly fall by the wayside and your own articles are buried in mediocrity.  You have to actually write someone directly if you want to comment on their articles.  Editing articles can be a bit tricky as well.

You may think you have a great idea for an article and have the top article for a minute but then other people come through and your article gets pushed to the side.  That can be frustrating for writers that are just getting started and are not playing for keeps.  I wrote 505 articles for the site.  This is less than half as many as I have written for Associated Content (I wrote 1329 there so far) but far more than I have written for Bukisa (only 223 there).  To be completely honest I had given up on Bukisa but received a payment out of the blue and have been putting articles there since.

Each writing site has its own quirks.  I always tell people that writing for the Internet is extremely difficult if you do not know how to exploit search engine optimization techniques and you do not write on topics that are hot at that particular moment that you are writing the article.  You have to know what is going to be popular before other people do and before any other writers even think about writing on that subject.  You have to promote and you have to network.  If you do not promote your articles, if you do not market your articles, if no one likes you and if no one else is talking about your articles and promoting you one can forget about making any money writing online.  It is that simple.  A lot of sites have huge obstacles when it comes to payouts.  You may not get paid for a year.  You may not ever get paid.  You may only get paid $20 for a year’s work.

The only way to get ahead is to write on the topics that the editors of these websites actually want people to write on.  Nothing else matters; if you never write on the topics the editors want you will never get ahead.  It also helps if you are actually part of the communities you write for.  I was approached a few times on Associated Content about operating in more of an “editor like” role.  I may have even put in applications for the job a few times and nothing ever came of it.  I should have been more aggressive in the past because I would have gotten more exposure for my articles though.

You have to play by the rules.  Even if you choose to run everything off of your own blog, you are still at the whim of what is hot at the moment.  You have to visit other blogs and comment on their articles.  One thing I have learned about blogs, is that you may think you are doing okay but one person might have a hundred or a thousand subscribers where you only have five.  One person may get twenty thousand hits in a day where you are only getting 20.  I only received 39 page views yesterday and so far 22 today.

One thing people do not realize is that this thing changes by the second.  Not by the day, or the week, or the hour or the minute but the second.  There is no grace period, and there is no mercy.  I can go a day without writing and my page views can dwindle down to nothing.  The reason writers put out thousands of articles on these sites and on their blogs is because it takes that many articles to keep your site afloat when you take time off to live a normal life.  I have 879 posts on this blog but there are plenty of days when I do not get any page views.  I need to have like 8,000 posts on this blog.

This is hard work, and you should take it all in stride and just keep it moving and refuse to give up but keep your day job.  Write for any website that will allow you to write for them; forget about how much it pays just as long as it does pay something.  Publish videos on YouTube; you might have to get a few thousand subscribers to make money but those odds are better than auditioning as an actor to get a part in a movie, a play, a musical or on a television show.  Plus you do not have to travel to New York or Los Angeles for it to happen.

Some people make tens of thousands of dollars each month on YouTube, which is great for them, not so good for traditional writers.  I do believe that people can make that much money writing articles but it isn’t easy.  You have to be very strategic, and very cunning when you play this game.  You might have to advertise, you may have to promote the right people and hook up with the right writers that can give you that boost.  It doesn’t come overnight.

Hang in there though; the $20 a month I get from Associated Content is more than I was getting in the beginning.  I started off doing a review and received $50 and that was great but then I did not make any money for years.  The money is out there for writers, but it does not come easy and you have to work hard to get it.  But then again, if this is your passion and only purpose for living in life it feels as though you are getting paid for nothing, which is a wonderful feeling.  


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