A Wonderful Formula to Lead a Long Life

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A wonderful formula to lead a long life

Do you know in our country many people don’t want to live for too long. Once their children are married off and have moved into their own houses, a man would wish that he were dead. “ Why not? Live for what?” they would ask.. Possibly some women too may entertain such a notion. Yet, some men want to live till the age of 100 or near about that number. They have been asking for some medicine or some yoga exercise to prolong their lives.

Well, the Creator Himself has shown a way how to live for long periods. The world has not examined God’s formula seriously at all. Shall we look into it with our heart and soul?

The world statistics show that women live longer than men. Some women are known to have lived for 25 – 30 years as widows. Any idea, why? Permit me to throw some bright light on it.

Did it ever occur to you that you, I and the third man over there came into the world not laughing but crying? If you didn’t cry when you saw the light on the Earth, the doctor gave you a whack at your hindquarters. Oh! How delighted the mother would feel at that ‘sweet cry’. It would have been music to her ears.

Yet in later years, the very same cry, especially in the middle of the night or while you are playing bridge with your friends in the next room, would drive you crazy. But, that is a different subject and not quite connected with this article. Now, back to crying.

Since the first thing a child is made to do on entering the world is ‘to cry’ the matter should not be left there. Crying is good for the health of a baby. Hence in some hospitals in the USA, there is a special room called ‘weeping room’ where the newborns are kept for 15 to 30 minutes daily so that their lungs get strengthened by crying.. I should imagine that there would be a nurse on duty in the weeping room who would go round pinching the babies who prefer to sleep !

This technique gives me an idea. The population of India is 1100 million in the year 2011. Despite this large number we have not produced even one gold medalist in any type of sports event in the Olympics. I think it is due to poor lungs. If we keep all the babies in the ‘weeping room’ for about ten days and make them cry every day, they would come out with very very strong lungs. Won’t they? I guarantee then that generation would bring dozens of medals in all the running events. The government may give this suggestion due consideration. At the same time, the government should also bear the cost of the extra hospitalization period and not charge it to the parents..

There is another medical discovery in recent times – weeping is a cure for several diseases. So, next time you get a tummy upset or fever or cold, don’t rush to a doctor but walk into your toilet, which is an ad hoc ‘weeping room for you ’ and weep for about ten minutes. You would come out a healed man.

Even otherwise, our Ayurved books say that weeping once in a while acts as a preventive measure. Several ailments like cold, sore eyes, chest pain or headache could be avoided by liberal shedding of tears.

Weeping also has the potential to drain away all your emotional stresses and make your internal organs function better. That’s why one feels at peace with oneself and the world after a profound weeping session. Any woman would certify to that.

Also it is claimed that a woman who breaks into tears at the slightest provocation is less prone to heart attacks and blood pressure problems than the brave ones. So, they enjoy a greater longevity.

Whereas we men look down upon women all because their eyes go moist when they feel hurt at the smallest irritation. And we have the audacity to call them ‘cry babies’ too. Quite unjustifiable, you see? And to top it all, we fellows have been taking pride over the excellent control we maintain over our tears. How wrong !

Weep, my friend, weep as often as you can, of course in the privacy of your private weeping room. If you want to live longer and healthier, make it a point to weep once every alternate day. And don’t you dare from today ever call any weeping man, a sissy. OK? Do remember, he is on the road to a long life.



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