Proper Seo Techniques For Top Search Engine Ranking

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There was at one time a movie called “Field Of Dreams” and in this motion picture one of the most famous quotes was, “If you build it they will come”. And a while ago the same was true of websites, now things are considerably different. These days if you want to get people to your website then you need to do proper website positioning otherwise known as SEO. Below we are going to cover a few simple search engine optimization methods that you should put in to effect on your current websites and any new websites you build. Website Placement can be divided into two separate choices. There is on page Search engine optimization and also off page Search engine optimization. The first kind of SEO is the on page optimization elements, this is basically how the search engines view your site and whether or not they feel it is a valid page to place in their results. The off page search engine optimization is simply how much attention your website receives from other websites, by way of inbound links. Backlinks also help raise up your search rankings in the online search engine results. When you are ready to start your on page SEO, you’ll find that there are a few fundamentals that are required. You need to select the keywords and search terms you want your site to get ranking for. For this illustration we are going to pretend that you have a weight loss blog and also your creating a new post and you just want to rank for the words “Weight Loss Made Easy”. In order to get the attention of the search engines immediately, make sure that the title of the web page is the targeted keyword. The first sentence of your page should also have the keyword focused phrase included in the wording. In the event that for some reason the content will absolutely not read right with that phrase in the initial sentence, you will have to make sure that the keyword phrase is somewhere at the beginning of the article content. Your keyword should also be included inside every other paragraph of the blog post, don’t fill all the content with the phrase as you might be penalized for search phrase stuffing. For example, lets say that all the written content works out to be 8 paragraphs in length, this means that your keyword phrase will be in at least 4 of these. One more thing that is important is that your phrase winds up in the final paragraph, regardless of whether you have the phrase in the section before. At this point it is time to consider off page search engine optimization. You should begin building inbound links pointing back to that web page that use the term “Learn How To Lose Weight Fast” as the keywords for the link. So when individuals click on that phrase they are taken away to your site. Search engines use these types of links as a sort of voting process for your web page. This means that the more keyword targeted back-links you have the better your page will rank. Article marketing is the easiest and best way to begin building these types of links. For those of you who don’t know, article marketing is whenever you create and article about your site and include a link in the article. Then you submit these articles to as many article sites and other sites that will distribute your content articles as you can find. Now your off page seo is done because every single time someone publishes your article from the article websites you are receiving a backlink.


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