Technology in Schools & Institutions

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In today’s ever changing environment, usage of technology became a very important part; however we need to use it differently & efficiently. Over the last few years, technology advancements created a dramatic difference in the education system. There was a time when everything was managed manually. Now a different collection of techniques have taken place of the past paper system. Schools, Institutions & other related organizations are expecting great
earning potential if they can adopt the advancement in correct manner.

If we compare the latest advancements happening in the schools with the early 90’s, we will see a drastic change. We are fully equipped to technology now a days & core functional areas like central planning, costing, managing, scheduling and maintaining student records are completely dependent upon IT resources, starting with mainframe computers and migrating to other platforms. Usage of tools as a shortcut became the need of the hour & managing daily activities with high efficiency force professionals to depend totally upon technology. There was a time when maintaining administration was known to be a tough job & people were scared of losing the track however mainframe systems have made it a one minute job. Anyone at any place can maintain the data; update it as per the latest requirements. Tools like word processing, spreadsheets, publishing tools, email, and the Web increased the efficiency & reduced several man hours. Schools are becoming similar to other businesses, focusing upon IT
resources to perform the routine tasks required to stay in business for longer periods.

Technology also plays a key role in improving school’s productivity & decision making. It helps in measuring the results of overall development & can also showcase few concern areas to have a look at. E-learning opportunities provide students a chance to understand core academic content with almost same efficiency. Schools can offer variety of skills to the students & can also save lots of time & money.

In past few years, schools also have worked really hard to adapt to new possibilities offered by technology. It can also be a major challenge — but a vital one. The pace of school improvement across the country has improved & same positive indications can be found for near future too. Digital tools are proving to be essential for large-scale school improvement efforts.

The technology increases student engagement, but not only limited to the education part. As other organizations are trying to complete the process of adopting new technologies to support learning, a number of factors might come into play–including the technology’s design and usability. Some factors are about the technology, others about the prospective user, still others about the local context of use. In addition to many researchers have identified different stages & continuously repeating the patterns that shape the adoption process.


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