Summer Gardening Ideas

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Provide for your home with a kitchen garden. This can save you money at the grocery store over the summer and beyond if you learn to can or dry the bounty. Flowers can be planted to beautify your yard and attract colorful butterflies.

Children’s Garden

Plant a children’s garden complete with bean tepees for a private retreat. Set up eight bamboo poles in a wide circle, approximately 5 feet circumference. Pull the tops of the poles together and secure with twine to form the tepee shape. Plant runner beans along the inside base of the poles. Train the vines to go up the poles. Leave an opening for children to sit inside the tepee.

Children’s gardens can include plants that can be touched or picked often such as snapdragons and mini tomatoes, large like sunflowers or unusual like purple carrots or blue potatoes or Build a scarecrow and include painted rocks for step stones or garden markers.

Kitchen Garden

A small kitchen garden can provide your home with vegetable staples throughout the summer. Choose a sunny location near your house. Plant herbs, tomatoes, peppers and beans, or your favorite vegetables. Alternately, use large planters that you can set on a patio and move when necessary.

You can plant a kitchen garden in a theme, such as a pizza garden full of peppers, hot and mild, tomatoes, basil and oregano. Design it in a circular bed sectioned off like a pizza pie.

Herb gardens are another kitchen garden choice. This useful addition can provide your with fresh mint, basil, oregano, thyme and rosemary. There are several varieties of herbs you can experiment cooking with. Use the cuttings fresh or hang to dry and use throughout the year.

Flower Garden

Fill your summer garden with colorful flowers. Choose plants that bloom at different times of the season for a continual show. Add fragrant flowers such as nemesia, ageratum, dianthus and sweet pea.

Attract butterflies to your garden with dill and parsley as well as the butterfly bush, marigolds and shasta daisies. Choose a sunny location for your butterfly garden that is also sheltered from wind. Include several flat stones around your plants to give the butterflies a place to warm up and rest. Maintain a mud puddle in a sunny spot near the plants to give the butterflies a place to drink. A bucket full of very wet sand is another way to provide water.


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